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24K Gold Collagen Moisturize Neck Mask Wholesale

Improve neck skin wrinkles, smooth fine lines, moisturize neck, relieve neck dryness, improve skin sagging, and make neck skin firmer and smoother
Neck wrinkles are actually caused by congenital and acquired factors. We are born with 2-3 horizontal neck wrinkles (it’s really miserable to think about it). With the increase of age, the loss of collagen and the increase of age cannot The external environment such as loose skin and sun exposure will deepen neck wrinkles.

The principle of neck wrinkles is similar to that of ordinary wrinkles. There are three main reasons for normal wrinkles: ① Insufficient cell activity: epidermal cells age, cell metabolism is not prosperous, water decreases, and cell bodies collapse. ②Atrophy of subcutaneous tissue: The most important thing is the reduction of collagen. ③ Poor posture: Neck lines are not formed overnight, they must be caused by bad habits in life. Such as high pillows, poor sleeping posture, head down, sedentary sitting, etc., are all important factors that cause neck lines.

It can give the necessary nutrients to the skin layer, enhance the activity of collagen in the skin, maintain the integrity of the moisture and texture structure of the stratum corneum, improve the living environment of skin cells and promote the metabolism of skin tissues, so as to moisturize the skin, delay aging, beauty, The purpose of anti-wrinkle.

The method of neck massage is as follows:
Raise your head slightly, use your fingers and palm to push up from the collarbone, doing 10 times for each of the left and right hands;
Then use your thumb and index finger to gently push up about 15 times at the key areas of the neck lines;
Finally, use the index and middle fingers of the left and right hands to place the lymph under the cheekbone and press for about one minute to unblock the lymph and detoxify.
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