AHA BHA Toner Peeling Solution Beauty Facial Toner With BHA Spray Whitening Exfoliating Acne Treatment Clarifying Toner Face Toner

The core ingredients of AHA / BHA toner are Tea Tree Extract; Apple Fruit Water; AHA; BHA, the main function is Oil Control/Hydrating/Soothing
AHA /BHA Acne Treatment Clarifying Toner Face Toner ingredients are mainly
Herbal extract, the ingredients are tea tree extract; apple fruit water; aha; BHA,
no preservatives, no silicon, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, no sulfates。
deep hydration for dry skin, oily skin improvement Facial oil accumulation, acne and other skin problems, repair rough skin, adjust water and oil balance, soothe and more rejuvenate skin, improve dull skin, rejuvenate and glow, and can also be used for sensitive skin
NET: 3.38 FL.OZ / 100ML
MOQ: 500 PCS


Tips for using skin care lotion
Step 1, first clean the face with skin care products
Step 2. Take an appropriate amount of skin care lotion and apply it to the entire face
Step 3. Massage gently along the facial lines until absorbed

Can also be used as a spray moisturizer
1. Pour the toner into the spray bottle
2. Carry it with you to add moisture to your face at any time

There is also a trick, water film wet compress, intensive repair
1. Wash your face first to make sure the pores are not blocked
2. Toner soaks the cotton or paper film
3. Leave it on the face for 10 minutes before taking it off

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