anti aging hand cream
Hand Care

Anti Wrinkle Retinol VC VE Anti Aging Hand Cream

Add vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, resist free radicals, antioxidant, effectively delay hand aging, and vitamin A, improve the activity of skin collagen, effectively reduce wrinkles.

Abundant vitamin raw materials, effectively improve metabolism, penetrate deep into the skin, reduce skin pigmentation, improve skin activity and elasticity, improve wrinkles, slow down skin aging, provide nutrition to the skin, enhance the skin's moisturizing ability, and make the skin smooth, delicate and shiny , Return to the skin's youthful state.
Feature Anti-aging, Moisturizing, Antibacterial, Nourishing, Anti-chapping                                       
Supply Type OEM/ODM
Certification GMP, MSDS, SGS
Function                                Anti-aging,Repairing,Moisturizing
Volume 100g
Type Hand Cream,Hand Lotion
Package PE Tube
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