bath bomb

Wholesale Shower Soap Ball Bombs Fizzer Bath Bubble Bomb Set Bath Bomb

Scientific ratio of selected raw materials. A verity of plant extracts care for beautiful skin. Wholesale customized bath bomb with different formulas, shapes and packaging.
Each of our bath bombs uses high-quality sea salt,citric acid,and plant essential oils to help clean and rejuvenate your skin.Take care of your skin during the bath, make your skin smooth, soothe your body and mind, and let you immerse yourself in joy for a long time.

SCHEMINGFOR SMOOTH SKIN---Extract precious plant oils, nourish the body in a silky bath
THE SECRET TO HEAL TIREDNESS---Real essential oils & Promote your blood circulation
GENTLE AND PEACE OF MIND---Mild and not irritating & A milk bath for adults and children
GOOD TRAVEL COMPANION---Put it in your travel bag & Ease travel fatigue
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