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How to moisturize your skin in autumn and winter

In autumn and winter, the climate is dry and cold, the water loss is fast, the moisturizing is not good, and the skin is prone to various skin problems. Recently, I received a lot of help about moisturizing: Why use a lot of skin care products, the skin is still dry and tight? The skin is very oily, but it feels very dry. How does this skin care?

Why is the skin dry in autumn and winter?
Under normal circumstances, the water content of the stratum corneum of the skin is between 10-20%. When the water content of the stratum corneum is less than 10%, the skin will feel dry, tight, and even fine dry lines appear. In the hot season, it rains more, the air humidity is high, the water content is high, and the moisture of the skin is not easily volatilized and lost. The outermost layer of sebum in the skin contains moisturizers that absorb moisture and absorb moisture from the air to keep the skin moist.
In addition, the amount of sebum secretion in the skin is closely related to the temperature. When the surrounding environment is less than 15 degrees, the "5-alpha reductase" activity is low, and the amount of sebum secretion is small. Above 15 degrees, as the temperature increases, the activity of "5-alpha reductase" increases, and the amount of sebum secretion also begins to increase. At 37 degrees, the highest peak is reached, the temperature rises again, and the amount of sebum secretion begins to decrease. When it reaches 45 degrees, the superheat inhibits the activity of "5-alpha reductase", and the amount of sebum secretion returns to about 25 degrees. The temperature is higher and the amount of sebum secretion drops sharply. When it exceeds 60 degrees, "5-alpha reductase" is mostly inactivated, and sebum secretion becomes very low.
During the hot season, the temperature in our environment is very suitable for sebum secretion. A lot of sebum is applied to the surface of the skin to prevent evaporation of water and to make the skin contain sufficient water. If it is oily, it will not feel dry even without skin care.

In the autumn and winter, the temperature begins to decrease gradually, and the amount of sebum secretion also decreases as the temperature decreases. There is not enough sebum protection on the surface of the skin, the evaporation of water is accelerated, and the moisture content of the skin is reduced. If there is no human intervention, the moisture content of the skin will drop to a certain value, it will be dry, tight and peeling.

How to do the autumn and winter moisturizing
Moisturizing in autumn and winter, mainly from two aspects: 1, to add water-soluble moisturizer to the skin; 2, using a lotion containing oil or cream, to form a sealing film on the surface of the skin
◆ Supplement water-soluble moisturizer
The moisture in the skin is divided into: combined with water and free water. In most cases, the moisture in the epidermis is combined with various ions, amino acids, and proteins, and is called bound water. Only when the combined water exceeds saturation, will it exist as free water. The combined water is adsorbed and is not easily evaporated and lost.
Directly add water-soluble moisturizers to the skin, such as alcohols such as glycerin and butanediol, urea, PCA sodium, lactic acid, various amino acids, carbohydrate isomers, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate, and nerves. Amide, trehalose, white fungus extract, and the like. Some of these moisturizing ingredients can stay on the surface of the skin to form a moisturizing net that absorbs water molecules and keeps the skin hydrated.
Some small molecule moisturizers can penetrate into the skin and combine with the moisture inside the skin to form combined water, stabilize water molecules, prevent evaporation and loss, and play the role of locking water. Some moisturizing ingredients can also participate in the metabolism of skin tissue, which plays an important role in maintaining the normal function of the skin, maintaining the health of the skin, and making the skin moist and elastic.
Our daily use of toners, essences, masks, gels, gels, and core ingredients will contain these water-soluble moisturizing ingredients. If it is in the summer, the sebum secretion of the strong partner, the skin surface oil is enough, only use this kind of moisturizer-containing products, no lotion or cream, it is enough.
◆ Supplemental grease
Although water-soluble moisturizers can absorb water and prevent the loss of water molecules, it is not enough to rely solely on water-soluble moisturizers in dry and cold seasons. It needs to be matched with grease to achieve a better moisturizing effect.
In most cases, lotions and creams are products with high fat content. Of course, there are exceptions. Some of the emulsions and creams designed for the summer have little oil content and a refreshing skin feel. It is not enough for moisturizing in autumn and winter.
Judging the moisturizing power, moisturizing degree and oiliness of lotion and cream, mainly depends on the type of oil contained in the ingredients and the characteristics of the emulsifier. Generally, the refreshing lotion and cream are mostly made of light synthetic grease and silicone oil. Even if it contains heavy fat, the amount added will not be much.
Most of them are used in medium moisturizing lotions or creams, such as squalane, jojoba oil, moderate synthetic fat, higher fatty acids, and higher fatty alcohols. Mineral oil, petrolatum, various waxes, avocado oil, and animal oils, such as lanolin, horse oil, etc., are mostly used in moisturizing higher emulsions or creams.
Judging the moisturizing and moisturizing power of a lotion or cream can be difficult for many small partners. But don't be discouraged. In most cases, the merchant will indicate what type of skin this product is suitable for. Just look at the instructions for use. Even if it is not indicated, we can judge the moisturizing and moisturizing ability of this product from the evaluation of the used partners.
Many skin care whites have misunderstandings about moisturizing. They think that wet compresses, multi-purpose toners and masks can have a moisturizing effect every day. It may be possible in the hot season. In the dry and cold season, it is necessary to use a lotion containing oil or cream or a cream to moisturize the skin.
If you always feel dry skin and lack of water, you should check if your skin care products are too refreshing and lack a lotion or cream that is highly moisturizing and tight. In most cases, the problem of moisturizing can be solved by simply changing the high-moisture lotion or cream.

Problem skin moisturizing
What we are talking about above is how the skin is moisturized under normal conditions. But there is a small group of partners who, even with a heavy cream, still feel no moisturizing and dry skin. The cream seems to float on the surface of the skin, not absorbed, what is going on?
The skin of such a small partner is mostly in an abnormal state for various reasons. The skin is damaged and the skin barrier is destroyed. The skin's own water-locking and moisturizing functions are very poor, that is, the use of high-moisture, heavy cream, although it feels very oily, but still feels dry.
For this type of skin, first find the cause of the current skin problems, stop the wrong skin care methods, lifestyle. Then, while moisturizing, use a repairing product to restore the damaged skin to a normal state.
For this kind of skin, you can use the essence with healing effect, or you can use the essential oil. When choosing the essential oil, pay attention to the essential oil with vegetable oil as the core ingredient. Most vegetable oils and skins have good compatibility with the skin, can penetrate into the skin, provide nutrients to the skin's metabolism, accelerate skin repair, and have a good effect on relieving dry skin. Some essential oils are mainly synthetic fats, which is not recommended because some synthetic fats cannot be used by the skin. Infiltration into the skin may also cause skin burden. Regarding the essential oils, I have written a lot of articles and I am interested in turning over the past articles.
Some animal oils, such as horse oil, lanolin, eucalyptus oil, eucalyptus oil, squalane, etc., have good compatibility with the skin and have various effects. If it is a particularly dry and damaged skin, in the dry and cold season, you can choose a lotion or cream containing this kind of animal oil. However, it should be noted that although many products are under the banner of these animal fats, they are rarely added, just for the hype, these products should be avoided as much as possible.
There is also a type of skin that is "dry in the outer oil", most of which is caused by damaged skin. This type of skin has a strong sebum secretion, so don't use heavy lotions and creams. You can use a serum with a healing effect and a refreshing lotion or cream to slowly adjust. Just choose the right product and stop the wrong way of skin care. This kind of skin is not difficult to adjust.
In summary, the autumn and winter seasons moisturizing, need water-soluble moisturizing ingredients and closed fats, both are indispensable

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