Cedar Oil

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Cedar oil has a natural woody fragrance, compounded with three kinds of plant essences,simmondsia chinensis seed oil and juniperus virginana oil , which can help control oil and converge, clean the scalp, and soothe and relax.
Product Information Cedar Oil  
ingredient juniperus virginana oil /simmondsia chinensis seed oil
MOQ 500 Sets
Net 10ML/.34 FL.OZ; 
Function Toner;Wet Compress;Massage;SPA;Aromatherapy;Footbath;Washing Hair;Purification
Shelf Life 3 years; 1 year after opening
Service OEM/ODM, Private Label, LOGO, Packaging customization.Purchase of raw materials, Transportation solutions.

This compound essential oil has a woody fragrance, is pure, calm, refreshing, and relieves tension. It can be used as a skin care after bathing, oil control and moisturizing, and it can also clean the scalp and soothing aromatherapy.
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