Coconut Soap

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Deep cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing, moisturizing, whitening. The foam is very delicate and it smells very fresh, with the smell of coconut.
Coconut soap contains coconut oil, which has a powerful cleansing effect, can clean the dirt in the skin, and the organic natural pure coconut oil will never hurt the skin. It contains the peculiar life tension of tropical plants, which can lift the tightness between cells. Strengthen the shrinking ability of pores, help remove the outer layer of dead skin cells, restore damaged skin, make skin healthier and smoother, generate new skin cells, improve dry and allergic skin, eliminate acne and skin blemishes Perform the most perfect moisturizing SPA. It is suitable for all skin types.

in addition to coconut soap, there are lavender soap, rose soap, all kinds of soaps can be customized, customized fragrance and shape, customized packaging and own brand, low MOQ, low price, free samples, please contact us for details, Thank you.
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