coffee body scrub
Body Scrub

Bulk Sale Anti Cellulite Coffee Exfoliator Arabica Coffee Body Scrub At Home

Coffee body scrub smoothes and refines the skin, improves dull skin and revitalizes the skin, and supports private label customization and formula customization wholesale.

Deep cleansing removes dead skin from the epidermis and helps metabolism. Contains even and fine particles, which can exfoliate old waste keratin, help remove deep skin dirt, let the skin shine through from the inside out, remove dark yellow, restore smoothness and fineness, and help absorb subsequent skin care products.

1. Exfoliate with scrub first, then supplement nutrition with skin. First use scrub to allow skin to absorb nutrients in a better state. If you use skin care products and then scrub, it is easy to waste the nutrition of skin care products.
2. The main function of the scrub is to exfoliate and exfoliate. Due to metabolism and environmental factors, a large amount of dirt accumulates on the skin surface. If the skin wants to absorb nutrients, it needs to pass through the obstacles of the dirt, so the nutrients absorbed are very few. It needs to be cleaned before supplementing.
3. Before using the scrub, wet the body with warm water, or clean the oil on the skin surface until the skin is completely wetted with water, apply the scrub evenly to all parts of the body, gently massage the body and joints by hand It needs to be massaged for a while with thick cuticles and then washed with water.

water/aqua/eau, propylene glycol,glycerin,  aloe barbadensis leaf juice, panthenol, portulaca oleracea extract, organic arabica coffee powder, carya illinoensis (pecan) shell powder, carbomer, phenoxyethanol, hyaluronic acid,aroma

In some areas, the cuticle is too thick, and the skin can be smoothed by scrubbing. For acne-prone areas, the use of scrub to remove dead skin also helps the smooth discharge of oil and has a certain therapeutic effect. In general, the appropriate number of times to use the scrub is: oily skin once every 2 weeks; dry skin or facial skin is used once a month; normal or combination skin once every 2 weeks, you can only use Use in T-shaped areas; in addition, mixed skin can also be used locally on areas with oily or rough skin.
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