Cucumber Face Mask
Sheet Mask

Hydrating Anti-Acne Cucumber Face Mask

1. Regulating oil secretion 2. Hydrating 3. Anti-acne 4. Anti-inflammation. Effective for balancing oil and water and inhibiting acne, bringing you a flawless skin.

Cucumber enzyme contained in cucumber is a kind of biological enzyme with strong biological activity, which can effectively promote the body's metabolism, dilate skin capillaries, promote blood circulation, and enhance the skin's redox effect. Cucumber oil contained in cucumber It also plays a great role in absorbing ultraviolet rays. Cucumber is rich in vitamin C, has a whitening effect, and has a moisturizing and whitening effect on the skin.

Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract: 1) promoting skin blood circulation, shrinking pores, reducing the generation of acne. 2) Repairing skin, removing spots and improving complexion 3) Moisturizing, enhancing cell vitality and suppling skin.
Sodium hyaluronate: fast and intensively hydrating, and increasing elasticity
SymCalmin: effective anti-stimulation and inflammation, relieving itching, swelling, blisters and other symptoms, anti-histamine and anti-oxidant.
ZINC PCA: effectively regulating sebum secretion to control oil, improving facial fat overflow, reducing the proliferation of bacteria on the face, inhibiting the generation of acne, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation.

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