Derma Pen
PCI Device

Esthetician Professional Recharge Digital Skin Needling Microneedle Pen Dermapen Facial Treatment Derma Pen

* Fractional skin rejuvenation
* Increased patient comfort
* Reduce/minimal downtime
* Reduce epidermal damage
* Remove needle bending risk

Micro needling takes advantage of the skin’s normal response to any kind of inflammatory wound. If you cut your skin, for example, the platelets and neutrophils in your blood release growth factors which increase the production of components of the intercellular matrix of your skin.  With micro needling, you prick the skin with a specially designed device that creates hundreds of micro wounds down in the dermis. These micro wounds cause this superficial inflammatory response which increases fibronectin production which sets up kind of a scaffolding where collagen is deposited. And over time this collagen goes through a conversion process where it naturally tightens up which reduces wrinkles and helps resurface scars. And because these needle holes are so small, there’s little risk of side effects from things like exposure to air or infection. Better still, there’s no post inflammatory hyper pigmentation like there is with some kind of wound healing.

Needle 12pins, 36pins, 42pins
Voltage 5V
Power 280mA/ Recharge
Net 70G
multiple speed option 5
Ergonomic Design  Easy to use
Shaped for practitioner comfort
Effortlessly glides over facial & body contours

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