derma roller
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540 Microneedle 0.2mm-3mm Tituanium Micro Needler Derma Roller Micro Needle Roller Dermaroller

face needling has been a constant that has been ever-evolving for more than 50 years and is quickly becoming a skincare treatment staple.

As you roll over your skin, it creates pin point punctures into the dermis – the majority of which are simply pushing your pores open temporarily. This is perceived by the body as damage, which stimulates the release of growth factors that trigger the production of collagen and elastin. The human body naturally reacts to any injury by initiating the healing process, but usually it will only heal as far as it must to keep you healthy – which is different to healing to a cosmetic level. By persistently triggering the healing process, you encourage your body to continue healing until you are satisfied with the results.  By opening the skin in this way you not only dramatically increase the penetration of any topical product, increasing its efficacy, but you also create miniature perforations that stimulate the skin’s healing mechanisms, increasing production of many important factors for a healthy skin.
#1 – Allows your skin to soak up moisturizers and serums better.
#2 – Smooths bumps, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks.
#3 – Create a better canvas for your makeup.
#4 – Give your skin a better shot at ageing gracefully.

How to Use the Derma Roller?
1. Clean and soak the roller head for 5-8 minutes.
2. Clean your face and dry completely.
3. Apply suitable nutritional serum on the area of skin.
4. Gently Roll over skin about 4-5 times in vertical, horizonal and diagonal directions.
5. After rolling, reapply desired skincare product needed on the skin.
6.Clean the derma roller and put it back in the storage box.

For personal use only.
Do not use under eyes or on lips.
Keep out of reach of children.
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