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Silicone Facial Pore Cleanser Face Brush Cleaner Electric Facial Cleanser

Electric facial cleanser goes beyond standard facial cleansing by combining ratating magnetic beads system with sonic pulse technology.
Simple and elegant shape, gradient pattern bristles.It is elegant in appearance. Laid in the bathroom, it seems to be a sexy lady laying in the tube for leisure. Gradient bristles bloom like a blooming flower. It can adapt to different skin types and solve different facial skin problems.

Rotating magnetic beads system simulates the way people cleaning and massaging skin with hands, in combination with sonic pulse technology, the Facial Cleaner reaches deeper cleansing effect by gently exfoliating dead skin cells, unclogging pores of makeup residue, and remving dirt and oil that can contribute to adult-onset acne breakout, thus leaving the skin looking firm and lifted, improving the absorption of your favorite skincare products.

The magnetic field can regulate the biological magnetic field in your body and induce micro-current, which change the permeability of the cell membrane, the activity of the enzyme, expand blood vessels and accelerate the blood flow, thereby achieving assistant effects such as detumescence and lymphatic detoxification. The magnetic beads  produce a rotating magnetic field. Long-term use has a good effect on your skin.

Magnetic Charger
Strealined bnot only perfectly  matches shape of the Facial Cleaner, but also fuctioons as a magnetic charger It can use 80 times after per full charge

Up to IPX7 grade 100% washable design is easy to clean between uses

Ergonomic handle design to reduce the sense of pulsation on hand
Up to 24 bristles, and the thinest up to 0.6mm Most silicone cleansing devices have only 3 types of bristles, for the more types of bristles, the more difficult it is to produce. However, Ruyi have 24 types of bristles and the thinest up to 0.6mm. What's more, the bristles can be adapt to different parts of face and solve more skin problems.The gradual design of the bristles looks like a beautiful flower, which breaks through the existing technological difficulties.
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