facial cleanser

Private Label Moisturizing Mild Face Wash Cream Facial Cleanser For Glowing Skin

Customized private label facial cleanser not only cleans the skin, but also has functions of skin care, moisturizing, and nourishing the skin. Add surfactants, nutrients, fragrances, etc. according to customer requirements, design packaging containers and
Facial cleanser belongs to cleansing cosmetics, its purpose is to remove dirt on the skin, refresh the skin, and help maintain the normal physiological state of the skin. When washing the skin with facial cleanser, the object to be cleaned (that is, the substrate) is human skin, and the dirt adhered to it is basically sebum and cuticle fragments and their oxidative decomposition products (dirt), or beauty cosmetics that stick to it the remains. These residual metabolites are unstable and can react with oxygen in the air or deposited molecules. When exposed to sunlight or the presence of bacteria on the skin, various physicochemical and biochemical reactions occur, forming some substances that may damage the skin. Thus, even for healthy skin, skin cleansing is a necessary process for skin care

The surfactant in facial cleanser has five functions of wetting, dispersing, foaming, decontamination and emulsification, and it is the main active substance in cleansing products.
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