facial cleansing brush
Facial Cleansing Brush

Skin Glow Sonic Electric Vibrating Face Cleanser Machine Silicone Face Wash Scrubber Brush Facial Cleansing Brush

Wholesale beauty equipment face wash brush, intimate cooperation with heating function, excellent cleaning ability, heating function promotes blood circulation, eliminates edema, and micro-vibration promotes the absorption of skin care products

Silicone brush side
This facial cleansing brush uses a cleansing silicone hair brush to effectively clean the skin. It uses sonic technology to vibrate 8,000 times per minute to form a small hydrodynamic force to wash away the deep dirt of the skin;

Massage surface side
the massage surface can heat 42 degrees to promote the face The blood circulation of the eye, especially for dark circles, swelling, etc., promotes the blood circulation of the eye. With the micro-vibration mode, the silicone bumps massage the eyes to relieve eye fatigue, especially after the eye cream is used, it promotes the eye cream Absorb, lift and tighten eye skin

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