ginseng skin care
Acnes Series

Wholesale Ginseng Face Collection Anti-acne Skin Care Series

Ginseng extract has multiple functions such as smoothing wrinkles, promoting blood circulation, and accelerating metabolism. It can effectively condition the skin and restore its healthy and youthful state.
The ginseng extract or extract contains a variety of saponins and polysaccharides, which have good permeability, can deeply moisturize the skin, bring rich nourishment, provide the skin with a steady stream of nutrients, quickly adjust the skin moisture balance, and prevent skin dehydration , For soft and smooth skin.
Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, firming without sagging
Ginseng contains a variety of ginsenosides, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which can promote blood circulation of subcutaneous capillaries, strengthen cell vitality, and promote collagen vitality. Phlorizin in ginseng rhizomes can also effectively improve muscle elasticity. These anti-aging effects work together to reduce deep wrinkles, improve sagging skin, and increase skin contour and firmness.
Anti-turbidity purification
As the sun, stress and antioxidant capacity diminish, it is difficult for the skin to resist turbidity and purification. The dried ginseng and white ginseng in the ginseng have dried more than 95% of the organic, protein, vitamin and saponin components. After grinding into powder essence, it can significantly improve the dull complexion. Ginseng active substances also inhibit the reduction of melanin, making the skin white and smooth.
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