gold facial mask
Sheet Mask

Wholesale 24K Gold Mask Collagen Crystal Hydrogel Facial Mask Patches

Suitable for all types of skin, especially due to work and life stress, insufficient rest, and UV damage, prone to dry, dull, wrinkle, enlarged pores and other problematic skin.
Collagen gold facial mask adopts collagen and medical polymer materials, combined with a new generation, high-grade bionic facial mask product developed by the concept of beauty. It is a high-end product of film type skin care products that is updated and replaced, and is an emerging beauty scientific and technological achievement respected internationally. Its special frame coating structure can store 15 times more effective nutrients than similar products.

During use, under the action of the internal pressure and tension generated by the bionic gold film, the basal cell layer of the membrane quickly enhances the vitality of skin cells, whitening, hydrating, nourishing and repairing the facial skin in just 30 minutes to rejuvenate the facial skin Glossy, silky and tender, white and firm, beautiful and glowing

Developed with high-tech biological simulation skin membrane technology, it can quickly deliver nutrients to the deep layer of the skin, deeply moisturize, highly hydrate, whiten and tighten the facial skin; balance oil, repair wounds, make the skin white and delicate, crystal clear.
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