gold mask powder

Powder Face Mask Rubber Face Peel Off Gold Mask Powder

The most important point of applying mask is that the mask should have enough skin to fit, good fit can ensure better absorption, promote skin metabolism, soften cuticle and soften skin.
Because it is a closed mask---- completely block the air, enough good adhesion, prevent water evaporation, promote the metabolism of the skin surface, accelerate the absorption of skin nutrients, increase the effect of the mask

Easy to operate----After a certain proportion of water and mask powder is mixed, it can be evenly applied to the face. When the skin is finished, the film can be peeled off completely and it is easy to clean.

Gold---because of the strong conductivity and stability of gold, it is not easy to cause skin rejection of the human body. Especially after nano-treatment, the gold foil carries negative ions and produces micro-circulation energy, thoroughly cleaning the dirt accumulated on the skin and activating The metabolism of the skin activates cell vitality and skin elasticity, delays the generation of wrinkles, and makes the skin not only whitening and anti-ultraviolet, but also healthy and moisturizing, greatly improving the efficacy of skin care products.

1. Gold revitalization Because nano-scale gold has negative ions, when the gold foil touches the skin, it will naturally echo the positive ions in the human body, promote the flow of ions in blood and tissues, generate new energy, and improve blood circulation. To speed up metabolism.

2, High absorption, promote absorption Gold foil due to its nano-scale particle size and negative ions, so that the skin can be immediately absorbed by light massage. At the same time, the active gold itself has a very strong conductivity. The use of cosmetic products has an extraordinary effect on the skin. Its unique introduction can promote the metabolism of fibroblasts and epidermal cells, accelerate the penetration of nutrients into the dermis, improve microcirculation, activate cells. Vitality, beauty and skin care effect is 70% higher than general cosmetics. This is like a bridge on the surface of the skin, through which the active ingredients can be introduced into the skin, significantly enhancing the absorption and retention of nutrients and moisture by the skin.

3, Anti-oxidation, anti-aging Many authoritative studies show that negative ions can reduce free radicals, slow down the body's aging, enhance human immunity. Therefore, the active gold with negative ions plays a role as a free radical scavenger in skin care products and skin care products, and can effectively reduce and thus resist aging.

4, Firm wrinkle, reverse time and space When the 24K gold foil penetrates into the skin, the collagen and elastin in the skin will increase its activity under the stimulation, thereby synthesizing the gold, while increasing the amount of subcutaneous collagen fibers, the epidermis, The dermis and subcutaneous tissue are fixed, making it difficult for the skin to sag due to gravity or ageing to tighten the aging skin and remove wrinkles.
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