gua sha tool

Gua Sha Tool Gua Sha Facial Massage Gua Sha Facial Tool

achieve the effects of detoxification and beauty, soothing wrinkles, activating blood and removing sores, anti-oxidizing and whitening, eliminating spots and protecting skin.
Use Gua Sha tool to scrape the meridian points, through benign stimulation, make the meridian points congestion, improve local microcirculation. To clear away heat and remove dampness, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, reduce swelling and relieve pain, so as to enhance the body's own potential disease resistance and immune function, so as to achieve the effects of strengthening the body and eliminating evil, preventing and curing diseases.

Facial guasha can have unexpected effects on some of the problems that often appear on the face: acne, stains, wrinkles, dark circles, etc. The benign facial "scraping" stimulation improves the microcirculation of facial blood vessels, increases the flow of blood, lymph and body fluids, enables the skin pore cells to fully proliferate, maintains the elastic state of fibers, obtains oxygen and sodium oxygen detoxification, nourishment, and relieves wrinkles. , The effect of promoting qi, eliminating spots, health care and skin beauty

Micro influenza should be designed (touch board on the scraping board by touching the human body, converting the micro current of the human body to the machine, and then converting it to the human body through the micro current). Micro current with special design scraping board can be very good fit the skin, help you massage the face or body to achieve the effect of lifting tight. As long as people used to say very well regardless of the size of skin can not fully take care of the face, pulling the skin, smooth machine radian design is very good, with the massage cream essence is the use of a goods relaxation process. Promote collagen regeneration, and other effects.

How To Use:

1.Apply skin care products to face.

2.Select the suitable mode according to personal need.

3.Press the acupuncture points to relieve muscle tension.

4.Seamlessly fit facial skin,scrub and face from the bottom to up,shape your face solidly The product will be turned off automaticaly if no use for more than 2 minutes,if there is any operation within 2 minutes, it will remain standby stetus

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