hair care oil
Hair Oil

Wholesale Dried Flower Soaked Morocco Argan Hair Care Oil

Hair care oil can reduce the damage of hair scales in the daily hair care process, help you soften rough hair, reduce hair splits and knots, and restore the original luster and texture of the hair.

Adopted the combination of the ancient extraction technology and the newest refining technology, it dips the flowers in the essential oil, and makes the oil contain plenty of plant essential oil ingredients. More plant essence oil quickly permeates and is absorbed by hair surface, then forms a natural moisturizing barrier to prevents from moisture loss. After use, hair will be aromatic, moist, soft, luster, and smooth.


Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil
As a natural extract, it is rich in nourishing fatty acids, which can make hair balanced, moisturize, and get nourished.

Morocco Argan Oil
A nut oil extracted from the fruit of morocco nut tree. It is rich in nourishing fatty acids, vitamin E and squalene, which can nourish and smooth hair,  and help it resist the bad environment.

Light & Not Greasy--The light texture is easily absorbed by the opened cuticles, smooths the roughness of the hair, and makes the hair elegant and supple
Smooth and Luster Hair Immediately--Contains natural nutrients to improve hair elasticity and shine, making it easier to manage hair daily
Repair damaged hair--Repair Damaged Hair Texture caused by frequent perm, dye, sun damage, and bad environment.
Moisturizing--Lock moisture, increase hair elasticity and reduce split ends and hair loss.
Fragrance--Eradicate Odor, let your hair smell fresh and fragrant
Avoid hair static--Avoid hair chaos caused by static electricity

After washing the hair or getting up in the morning, take 2 to 3 drops of the hair essential oil onto palm and apply evenly on hair with hands. The hair essential oil repairs hair scales, promotes luster, and makes the hair be with charming fragrance, not easy to tangle and knot, easy to comb, soft and smooth.
Professional Salon Use Instructions: mix it into perm and hair dye products when perm and hair dye. Perm will be more curly and more elastic. Dyeing hair will be more plump and lustrous. It also can reduce the peculiar smell after perm and hair dye.
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