Hair Laser Removal
Hair Removal

Hair Laser Removal Ipl Hair Removal Device

Intelligent automatic detection technology, can automatically identify different hairs, switch different energy to remove hair.  Unlimited flash output.

Intense pulsed light (IPL), or pulsed intense light, is a broad-spectrum light formed by focusing and filtering a high-intensity light source. Its essence is an incoherent ordinary light rather than a laser. Scientists have researched that the spectrum width of intense pulsed light is effective for hair of different thicknesses and colors, which is a significant advantage over other laser hair removal devices. The intense pulsed laser can effectively enter the depths of the hair follicles, and has a wide range of wavelengths, which can cover the 500-1200nm wavelength band, and can effectively cope with the hair conditions in various situations.

1.A total of 5 levels of light are configured. If you want to switch the light intensity, just keep pressing the switch. There is no need to care too much about the relationship between skin color and light intensity, because it is equipped with automatic skin detection technology, which will automatically switch between different energy. skin rejuvenation technology, replace the filter head, use the light, promote the activation of skin collagen synthesis, promote skin metabolism, remove skin spots, not only remove hair, but also make the skin that passes through more delicate

Hair removal is not something that is done once and for all. Our hair has a dormant period, and we need to remove it regularly to achieve the desired results. In addition, always pay attention to hydrating and skin care, and remember to apply cooling and soothing lotion and sunscreen after hair removal. You can eat more fruits rich in vitamin C to improve skin resistance and reduce pigmentation. After depilation, the skin is more sensitive and prone to inflammation. It is recommended to wear clean, comfortable light-colored cotton underwear.
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