hydrojelly mask powder

Wholesale Sample Customized Kiwi Soft Hydrojelly Mask Powder

Soft hydrojelly mask powder: After it is applied to the face, it has a high density and a good fit. It can completely block the skin and air contact, seal the skin, and force the skin to absorb the soft hydrojelly mask powder.
Hydrojelly mask powder is no added, generally no added pigment, no chemical preservatives, no fine preservatives on the skin, forming a fine mask on the skin
Mild temper, no irritation to the skin, the mask body is tightly attached to the skin after molding. It has a strong cleaning effect, and the skin's various garbage is deeply cleaned. Any ordinary cosmetics mask, can not be Compared with the skin, the mask body is attached to the skin to give the skin enough moisture to make the skin feel fine and smooth. The long-term use can remove fine wrinkles. That is to say, people who use hydrojelly mask powder for many years are not prone to wrinkles. Hydrojelly mask powder shelf life is long and it is not easy to breed bacteria as long as it is not wet.

The main function of the hydrojelly mask powder is a grease-free mask, deep cleansing, hydrating, purifying pores, regulating oil secretion, tightening the skin, and shrinking and purifying the pores.
One of the biggest functions of soft hydrojelly mask powder is cleaning. In addition, the characteristics of anti-inflammatory and sterilizing are unmatched by general products, and it is also an important reason that is loved by beauty lovers.

Different products can also get different effects by adding different functional ingredients, such as whitening, freckle, moisturizing, acne, anti-wrinkle and so on.

Soft hydrojelly mask powder characteristics
A: no added hydrojelly mask powder generally does not add pigments, flavors, any chemical preservatives, applied to the skin to form a soft texture of the film, mild nature, no stimulation to the skin, so people with sensitive skin can rest assured!
Second: the hydrojelly mask powder is more convenient to operate than other film powders, and the film body can be easily lifted after molding;
Three: After the mask body is formed, it has a strong cleaning effect on the skin, so that the various dirt and dirt of the skin are deeply cleaned, which is unmatched by ordinary ordinary cosmetics, and is also one of the reasons for being welcomed by consumers.
Four: The hydrojelly mask powder is applied to the skin to replenish the skin with sufficient moisture to make the skin feel delicate and smooth. Long-term use can remove fine wrinkles and fine pores.
Five: The hydrojelly mask powder has a long shelf life. The shelf life of the general cosmetics is 2 years, and the film powder can be stored in the bag at room temperature without being damp. It can be stored for 3-6 years or even longer because the bacteria have no moisture and it is difficult to breed. Don't worry about cosmetics being expired soon.

Kiwi hydrojelly mask powder ingredient:
Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Diatomaceous Earth, Algin, Maltodextrin, Silica, Glucose, Thaumatococcus Danielli Fruit Extract, Pyrophosphate, Flavor
OR customized according to the formula or sample you provide. If you want to add or adjust some ingredients in the formula, it's OK for us.
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