Autumn skin care tips

Autumn skin care tips

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Update time : 2019-11-12 17:48:49
Now that the weather is getting colder and colder, autumn is coming. You should pay attention to the little fairies. The summer skin care methods can't be used. We have to choose summer skin care methods and products. How should we use water milk in the fall? And what are the autumn skin care tips, let's take a look.

How should I use skin care product in the fall?


1, the application sequence

The lotion is not applied to the entire face from the beginning, but where is the driest first, then apply the entire face after applying the cheeks, mouth corners, upper and lower jaws, etc.

2, the technique

When applying the lotion, use the sharpness of the fingertips instead of the strength of the palm, so you can apply it slowly, which is more convenient to absorb.

3, smear to the neck

After the entire face was painted, I found that there were some residual lotions on the hands. At this time, I could apply them to the neck. I could not just maintain the face and ignore the presence of the neck.

---- Toner

1, patting

You can pour the toner onto the cotton pad and apply the lotion to your face in a patting manner. Fully pat each part to help the lotion absorb.

2, wet compress method

Look for a container that can hold the toner, then put the paper into it, wait for it to soak, apply it to the face, take the film for about ten minutes. Gently tap to help the toner absorb.

What are autumn skin care tips?

1. Pay attention to sun protection. Don't think that you can avoid sun protection in autumn. This is a big mistake. Although the temperature is not high in autumn, the intensity of ultraviolet rays that damage the skin is still very high.

2. Pay attention to moisturizing. In summer, the most important thing for babies is to hydrate. Then the autumn weather is very moisturizing. Don't let the water lose easily.

3. Regular masking, only lazy women are not ugly women is a very correct sentence, but the mask is not lazy, at least 2-3 times a week to apply the mask.

How to wash your face in autumn oily skin?

1: wash your hands before washing your face

Hands are the parts that carry the most bacteria. If you do not clean your hands before washing your face, it will cause skin infection, cause acne, wash your hands before washing your face, then take facial cleanser to foam, then wash your face.

2: Do ​​not wash your face with a brush or sponge

Many people think that the face is more oily and can be washed more cleanly with a brush or a sponge. The use of a practical brush or sponge to wash the face easily causes the internal skin to rupture, which is easy to cause oily skin acne.

3: use a milder facial cleanser

Fall babies don't use a clean facial cleanser. Because of the weather, whether it is oily skin or any skin is weak, so use a mild facial cleanser to help protect and moisturize our skin.

4: oily skin wash method

In warm water, wash the facial cleanser with a rich foam, then put the foam on your face and wash your face by hand, gently massage for 1 minute, then rinse with hot water for 20 seconds, then wash with warm water for 20 seconds, and put your fingers on the skin. Gently tap and finally dry with a dry towel.