Can the eye mask and facial mask be used together

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Update time : 2019-08-29 18:11:07
The eye patch and the facial mask can be used together. Because the eye skin is more fragile than the skin in other parts of the face, it is recommended to use the eye patch mask first and then use the mask after the eye patch and the facial mask are to be used at the same time. If the mask used does not have an eye, then the eye and face mask can be simultaneously carried out.
The order of eye and facial mask
Preferably, the mask is applied to the mask, so that the opening of the pores after the mask is applied is more beneficial to the absorption of the essence in the eye mask. Some of the facial masks do not have an eye, you can apply the mask to the inside, the facial mask is outside, if the facial mask has the function of the eye, you can not use the eyes mask.
1. Cleaning
Before using the eye mask and the facial mask, the facial mask is first needed, and only the excess grease and dirt on the face are cleaned so that the subsequent eye mask and the facial mask can play the best effect.
2. Makeup water
After cleaning, you also need to use makeup water. Because makeup can play a secondary cleaning role, but also for the skin to play a bottoming role, so that the follow-up eye serum and mask to play the best effect.
3. Eye mask
After applying the makeup water, you can then use the eye patch mask. Girls can take the eye patch mask directly on the current skin, the general eye membrane can be applied for 20 minutes 30 minutes, and then remove the eye patch mask and gently massage to promote absorption.
4, mask
After applying the eye mask, you can take out the mask, gently apply the mask to the whole face, remove the face after 10 minutes, rinse it with clean water, and then carry out the following skin care steps. If there is no mask in the eye, the girls can also use both the mask and the mask at the same time.
5. Follow-up skin care steps
After the use of eye mask and face mask, it is necessary to carry out daily skin care steps such as makeup water, eye cream, essence, emulsion / facial cream, so that the front nutrients can be locked.
The Technique of the Use of the Eyemask
1. Store the eye mask first: put the eye mask in the refrigerator for refrigeration, and the effect will be good. You can use a hot towel to apply a hot towel to your eyes and put on an ice-ice eye, which is the best.
2. The best position of the application of the eye membrane: the 3 mm below the eye is the best position for the application of the eye membrane, and the absorption effect of the application on the lower pharynx is good, which can effectively resist the edema of the eyes and restore the luster of the skin.
3. From the beginning to the end, it is irreversible: if the eye-like mask is to be applied from the head to the end of the eye, and if it is a cloth-type eye mask, it must not be applied back from the head to the end of the eye.
4, with eye cream effect, is better: after applying the eye mask can apply some eye cream on it, can better moisturize the eye skin. If only with the eye mask, remove the eye mask will make the skin feel taut.
The function and effect of the Eye mask
1. Prevention of ocular lesions
Long-term operation of computer or living habits and other reasons, resulting in the decline of eye resistance, easy to infect some ophthalmic diseases, such as red-eye disease, corneal infiltration and so on. The separation and extraction of living β factor and selenium element from natural herbs, which enter the lens and bind to the protein in the lens, coupled with the strong effect of selenium on carbon oxide, can eliminate the garbage produced by eye capillary tissue in the process of metabolism-free radical, and successfully treat all kinds of ophthalmopathy. It can obviously improve the blood circulation of subcutaneous tissue around the eye, effectively eliminate the metabolic waste liquid of the tissue around the eye, and the abnormal accumulation of fat, which eliminates the eye disease from the root cause. The root cause of the attack.
2. Effectively relieve eye fatigue and combat visual acuity decline.
Computer radiation to the eye stimulation caused by abnormal pupil contraction, resulting in eye fatigue, distension, astringency, discomfort, serious can cause tears, dizziness, and even nausea. Short exposure to computer-induced visual impairment is a temporary functional change after rest can restore vision. Facing a computer for a long time can temporarily reduce your eyesight by up to 30%. Over time, it will not be possible to return to normal conditions.
3, moisturize the eyes and ease the dryness of the eyes
80% of computer operators have varying degrees of dryness of the eyes. Serious can cause eyeball pain, some people even cause headache, dizziness. Eye mask aims at the characteristics of periocular skin, moisturizes the eye and relieves the dryness of the eye.
4. Relieve visual fatigue
Solve a variety of eye skin problems, eye lines, bags, dark circles, and other problems, eye paste has a direct and rapid improvement effect.