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The Right Steps For Daily Skin Care Steps Five Steps Are Indispensable!

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Update time : 2019-09-19 17:33:40
The right steps for daily skin care steps, Five steps are indispensable!

Related to the external state of the skin are the epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin and can be continuously reborn, which is directly related to acne, dullness, and pigmentation. The dermis layer is mainly composed of collagen and elastic fibers and is an important part directly related to skin aging.

However, no matter at any age, oily or dry skin, no matter whether it is acne or sensitive... In short, you need to do good basic skin care in any situation: cleansing, conditioning, toning, and moisturizing. Protection, five steps are indispensable.

The first step: cleaning
1) The role of cleaning: Skin cleansing is the most important basis for maintenance. It contains cleansing and daily cleansing. It is usually cleansed after removing makeup. Every morning and evening cleaning work can gently and thoroughly remove the makeup and excess oil and dirt on your face.

2) Make-up remover is an important step before cleaning, especially after using foundation, isolation, make-up, waterproof sunscreen. When removing the makeup from the face, pay attention to the most delicate skin on the eyes and lips, and the technique should be gentle.

A ) eye makeup remover
The eye skin and the eyeballs are very delicate, while the eye makeup is more waterproof. Therefore, it is necessary to use the eye makeup remover exclusively, and it can remove the eye makeup gently and thoroughly, without irritating the eyes.

Use a cotton pad to take a refreshing makeup remover about the size of a coin, and gently press the eye for 20 seconds to dissolve the waterproof component of the eyelashes and eye lines. Use a cotton pad to gently remove the eye makeup from top to bottom as shown on the left, and stay for 5 seconds each time you pass the root of the eyelashes.

Fold the cotton piece four times, and wipe the eyelashes at the root line of the eyelashes and the makeup residue in the eyelid wrinkles back and forth in a direction perpendicular to the eyes. Finally, fold the cotton pad and apply it with a clean side to remove the eye shadow and eyebrows. Repeat the steps as needed.

B ) lip makeup remover
Pour the make-up remover onto the cotton pad and apply it on the lips for 10 seconds to dissolve the lip makeup. Fold the cotton piece in half, fix the lip corner with one hand, and stretch the lip skin outward. The other hand holds the cotton piece to wipe the lower lip in the horizontal direction, replace the cotton piece with a clean face, change the hand to fix the other side of the mouth, and wipe the upper lip horizontally. Repeat the steps as needed.

C ) cleansing techniques
Use your fingertips to move from bottom to top in the direction shown, and gently smear from inside to outside (do not rub hard), avoiding the eye area. Then rinse with water (preferably warm water) and wipe with a moist Mary Kay beauty paper towel.

The second step: lotion
The lotion is the largest and the fastest skin care product in the entire skin care step.
There are many functions of lotion, such as firming water, toner, fine water, astringent water, high functional water, whitening water, toner, and so on.
There are so many names, but in fact they are all skincare water, but their functions are different, so the names are different.
When choosing a lotion, everyone must choose 噢 according to their skin type and needs.

Various ways of applying lotion
Shoot by hand (convenient, easy to waste)
Wipe with a cotton pad (with secondary cleaning)
Wet compress (the best hydration effect but water)

 The third step: the muscle bottom solution
If you want to absorb the skin care products better, then the muscle base fluid is essential.
Muscle fluids are generally more expensive, but after using the muscle base, you may find the New World.
The role of the muscle base fluid is to help the skin absorb the skin care products better. If you feel that the skin care products are not absorbed after the skin care, you may wish to buy a bottle of muscle bottom solution.

 Step 4: Eye Essence
The eye is only applied to the eyes, and the role of the eye is to help the eye skin absorb the subsequent eye cream better.
Many people will save the eyesight of this step, but if you have the budget and the budget, it is best to use the eye before the eye cream.