Is The 24k Gold Energy Beauty Bar Really Good For Your Face?

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Update time : 2019-10-25 15:42:21
The use of 24k gold energy beauty bar will definitely have a noticeable effect, and will have a significant effect on lifting the contours of the face and removing facial wrinkles.
1, the 24k gold energy beauty bar gold energy beauty bar has anti-aging effect 
The golden bar itself has pure gold anions and 6,000 vibrations per minute, which can effectively scavenge free radicals, enhance the elastic activity of facial muscles, promote facial blood circulation and metabolism, activate skin's own collagen production, and thus delay and improve. Natural aging caused by skin relaxation, wrinkles, pigmentation, eye bags and multiple jaws due to age.
2, the gold energy beauty bar has activating effect 
Pure gold is a very stable substance. After friction and heat generation, it will release negative ions into the dermis of the skin and the positive ions in the human body will echo each other, remove free radicals in the cells, balance the acidity of the body tissue and promote the ions in the blood tissue. Flow, so the blood circulation becomes better, the metabolism in the body will be accelerated, and the skin tissue will be activated by the inside of the body. This phenomenon is called the "activation" of gold.
3, 24k gold energy beauty bar can help lymphatic detoxification 
Lymphatic is an important channel for detoxification in the human body. If the lymphatic system is unreasonable, girls will have endocrine disorders and will cause the skin condition to become extremely poor. Using the gold rod to massage the lymphatic area regularly, the effect of detoxification will be particularly obvious, especially because of detoxification. Not good acne physique will find that the status of their acne is much improved.
4, the gold energy beauty bar can tighten the facial contour 
Use a gold energy beauty bar to massage the face in the right way. It is recommended to work with the essence of the face contour or face-lift effect. After a period of time, you will notice a lot of facial contours and a more beautiful face.
5, energy beauty bar have skin rejuvenation 
It can be used in conjunction with facial masks or after applying skin care products. It can promote the absorption of skin care products. If you use it for a long time, you will find that the skin becomes more supple and firm.

What are the benefits of gold bars?
1, can go to the bags under the eyes. Massage the area of ​​the eye bag, push it from the inside to the outside. If the problem is serious about 30 times each time, it can be added more times, especially suitable for day and night eyes. 
2. Reduce the law and order lines. The part of the massage law and the corner of the mouth is also pulled up from the inside to the outside, about 30 times, and the depth of the pattern can be increased more times; 
3. Firming your chin. The part of the chin is pulled up from the middle of the lower jaw bone along the contour, about 30 times, which can make the chin more firm; 
4, improve the head-up pattern, massage the forehead in the middle of the eyebrows, push from the bottom up, about 20 times, this is to improve the head-up pattern; 
5, improve the apple muscle, put it on the apple muscle 20 times at the corner of the mouth, can slow down the apple muscle sagging; 
6, improve the neckline, neck massage, push from the bottom up to the edge of the chin, about 30 times, severe neckline can increase the number of massage.
The correct use of energy beauty bar
Here is an example of a 24k gold energy beauty bar.
1. After taking out the energy beauty bar, turn the rotary switch on the lower part of the electric beauty stick handle, and the intensity of the massage is adjusted according to the skin's ability to withstand. 
2. After the face is cleaned, the T-shaped part of the energy beauty bar is massaged on the face of the face. The T-shaped part is pushed from the inside out after pressing for 3 seconds in each part of the massage.
3, wrinkles can be returned multiple times, including the neck, eye lip and so on.

Gold beauty bar note 
1, should be used after removing makeup;
2, the use time can not be too long, the temperature should not be too high;
3, can not be used for infants; 
4. If the use of the battery is not used for more than one month, remove the dry battery from the main body; 
5, can only be used for skin massage;
6. If the skin is abnormal during use, stop using it immediately.
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