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How to get rid of 3 types acne scars

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Update time : 2020-07-24 11:41:54

Acne, almost everyone has experienced different degrees of acne, and various marks left after acne subsides: red, black, bumpy pits and so on. Bring great psychological harm to people and affect social interaction. So, how to eliminate acne marks? Before dealing with acne marks, we must first understand the details of the opponent.
There are 3 common acne marks:
1. The more serious ones are acne pits or hyperplastic convex scars (acne scars);
2. Lighter red pox marks (red pox marks);
3. Black acne marks (black acne marks) caused by abnormal melanin deposition.
The following describes how to eliminate these acne marks.
The first type of acne scars: the elimination of concave or convex acne scars
Difficulty factor: ★★★★☆
Cavernous acne pits and hyperplastic convex scars (we will collectively call them acne scars for the time being): The professional name is post-acne atrophic scars, which belong to deep dermal layer damage. Causes of acne are more common. Severe inflammation or improper use of acne squeezing can lead to greater damage and inflammation, capillary expansion and proliferation, inflammatory cell aggregation, granulation tissue formation, and fibrous connective tissue production. This type of acne scars is not good Treatment, the loss or proliferation of local collagen in the dermis can only be rescued by professional medical beauty.
Concave or convex acne scars, severe acne marks
To treat acne scars, prevention is better than treatment. Pre-intervention is much simpler than post-intervention. Taking precautions can reduce or reduce the number and severity of acne scars even if the scars cannot be completely eliminated. The deeper the acne or the convex acne The more prominent the scar, the more difficult it is to eliminate the acne marks, and the more difficult it is to treat.
The core idea of ​​how to eliminate acne scars is: replenish the concave and remove the convex; try to increase the amount of collagen in the acne pit and remove the excess hyperplastic tissue of the acne scar.
Acne pits can be filled by injection of hyaluronic acid, and acne scars can be removed by medical microdermabrasion to remove unnecessary skin tissue. Treatments such as fruit acid peeling, red light, and photon also have good effects, but there is a possibility of re-proliferation in the later period, and the situation is serious If your friend needs treatment, please go to a professional treatment institution for professional treatment.
For less serious acne pits, if you want to get rid of acne pits yourself, you can use efficient repair products, which will be more convenient, strengthen the skin's own repair ability, and promote the production of collagen. It is more likely to use this type of product to recover, but the time period is longer. For mild acne scars, you can use exfoliating products, but you should pay attention to the skin's tolerance.

The second type of acne marks: the elimination of red acne marks
Difficulty factor: ★☆
The red acne marks are produced because the cells of the acne site have inflammation that causes capillary dilation. After the acne subsides, the inflammation has not completely subsided, there is also a clear inflammation, capillary permeability has not contracted to the original state, and local inflammation is congested , The temporary red mark formed will gradually fade with the skin's metabolism, which can be eliminated after 1-2 weeks, or more than 3 months.
Under exercise or hot environment, it will be more obvious with the rise of body temperature. And it needs strict sun protection, otherwise it is easy to form melanin deposits, which may turn into black acne marks. Pay attention here to distinguish red acne marks, brown acne marks, and black acne marks.
To deal with this type of red acne marks, the core work is: anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory. In severe cases, doctors usually use anti-inflammatory drugs, such as antibiotics or hormones, for a short period of time; skin care products focus on supplementary skin care products containing anti-inflammatory ingredients;
The third type of acne marks: elimination of black acne marks

Difficulty factor: ★★☆
Black acne marks are caused by abnormal precipitation of melanin after acne inflammation, which is black or brown, and it will gradually fade, but it lasts longer, about 6-12 months, or even longer. The difficulty of diminishing black acne marks depends on the depth of the melanin deposits, and it is better to remove melanin above the dermis; if the melanin deposits are below the dermis or even the subcutaneous tissue, it is difficult for the drug components to reach the target smoothly, relying on the skin Self-metabolism is slow, metabolism time will be doubled; and inflammation and ultraviolet rays will intensify the production of melanin, so this type of acne marks also need to pay attention to anti-inflammatory and sun protection.
Elimination of black acne marks
How to eliminate black acne marks? The core idea is to prevent the formation of new melanin and accelerate the metabolism of melanin. In fact, the idea is very similar to that of freckle. Using freckle cream and fruit acid essence products, combined with sunscreen and daily care, the black marks will be eliminated more quickly.
Other: daily care for acne skin
For skin with acne scars, no matter which of the above types, the following skin care should be done:
☆ Sun protection: Sun exposure will make the treatment effect futile. Ultraviolet rays will aggravate melanin deposition and inflammation. Strict sun protection is very important. Physical sun protection (sun protection clothing, sun umbrellas, hats, masks, etc.) and skin care products can be used according to personal conditions. Combination of sun protection (isolation, sunscreen);
☆ Cleaning: Cleaning is the foundation of skin care. Clean well, regular grease secretion;
☆ Correct skin care habits: you must quit the bad habit of squeezing acne. Unless you really know how to clean and disinfect your hands strictly, please take care of your hands;
☆ Daily life habits: The best skin care product is sleep. Regular and good work and rest habits, normal endocrine, and balance the secretion of skin oil are the long-term solutions.
One last suggestion,
(1) It takes a certain time for the elimination of acne marks and the recovery of the skin, please be patient;
(2) Prevention of acne marks is better than treatment;
(3) Maintain a good attitude and skin care