How To Use The Mask

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Update time : 2020-04-15 17:32:11
The role of the mask is self-evident, whether it is whitening, firming the skin, or moisturizing, it can provide what the skin needs
So how to apply the mask, what are the precautions, what are the easy-to-use masks, maybe you do n’t know it, it ’s okay, apply the mask, this article is enough
First, the correct use steps of the mask
1. Test sensitivity
Before using a new mask, you must do an allergy test. This step is particularly important, but it is most easily overlooked by mm. Apply a small amount of mask dressing to the back of the hand and wait for half an hour to clean it. If there is no red itching reaction on the back of the hand, you can rest on the face, especially the homemade mask, and allergy test should be done first.
2. Clean the face
All types of masks must be used after cleansing the skin. Before applying the mask, you must first remove the makeup on the face, clean the skin thoroughly, and remove the cuticles if necessary. Clean skin is more conducive to absorption Nutrients in the mask, but also to prevent dirt and dust from entering the pores.
3. Application order
If it is a smeared mask, apply the mask in the order of neck, jaw, cheeks, nose, forehead, and from bottom to top, pay attention to around the eyes, eyebrows, lips, it is recommended to start from the driest part From the beginning, the t-zone is painted first, and then the u-zone is painted.
4. Remove
Usually the mask will tighten the skin and wrinkles easily appear after drying, so remove it before the mask becomes dry. Do not apply it for too long, or apply the mask overnight, unless you indicate a sleeping mask.
For the patch: After the mask has been applied for 15 minutes, gently press with your fingers and feel that your hands are not sticky. You can start from the edge of the mask and slowly remove the mask from bottom to top.
Apply mask: You can remove it when it is almost 80% dry.
5. Maintenance work
After using the mask, it is best to wash your face quickly and wash off the remaining mask with water. Completely dry yourself, if that is the case, the staying time is too long, which will stimulate the skin to a certain extent