hyaluronic acid uses

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Update time : 2019-12-23 16:43:05
Hyaluronic acid is also hyaluronic acid. It is an acidic mucopolysaccharide with a special moisturizing effect. It is currently the best moisturizing substance found in nature. It is called the ideal natural moisturizing factor. , Can keep 98% moisture firmly!

But you can't use it alone, you must mix and match, because hyaluronic acid will absorb moisture when the external environment is dry, it will start to absorb the moisture in our skin ...

It is recommended to add a layer of cream or oil-based skincare products after using hyaluronic acid, as this can provide a barrier to the skin, isolate moisture from evaporation, and achieve true hydration.


1. Primer before mask
Before applying the mask, add a drop of hyaluronic acid stock solution to the mask. The hydration effect of the mask is improved by several levels! More than a dozen masks can achieve dozens of effects, and dozens of pieces can achieve hundreds of effects!

2. Muscle essence
Add a little pure water or dew to the hyaluronic acid stock solution. The thicker stock solution will become lubricating and easy to push. It can also promote the absorption of the essence of the muscles when applied on the face.

3. Base makeup
For dry skin and mixed dry skin, often fall and winter makeup will encounter skin peeling and jamming. At this time, you can drop a drop of hyaluronic acid in the liquid foundation and mix it on the face. Dryer concealers can also drip a little hyaluronic acid, which will become better and more comfortable.

4. Haircare
If the hair is relatively dry, you can drop a little hyaluronic acid in the shampoo and lock it with the essential oil after washing it! You can make hyaluronic acid fully play the role of hydrating and moisturizing. If you have split ends, you must try it!

5. Body Milk
This usage is also suitable for fall or winter or dry skin babies. Dropping a drop in the body milk will make the body milk that was originally sticky and difficult to absorb become moist and smooth!

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