Introduction to Liposome Technology

Introduction to Liposome Technology

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Update time : 2020-12-22 17:54:48
As an ingredient party, many people know that many effects of skin care need to be absorbed, especially those functional products that act on the stratum corneum for whitening and anti-aging. However, in many cases, the absorption you understand is not what you see. To really absorb into the skin, it is far from easy.

Why is it so difficult to absorb?

The surface of our skin is a dense stratum corneum structure, and it is difficult for external ingredients to enter the skin. Of course, this also protects the stability of our internal environment, preventing water from entering the skin and causing "edema" in a bath.

However, a large part of the purpose of skin care products is to allow functional ingredients to enter the skin. This is contrary to the protective function of the stratum corneum. Therefore, how to get the functional ingredients into the skin is a major problem for formulators to solve. Nowadays, the ingredient party is hot, but it is far from enough to simply look at the ingredients. Just like those products with gorgeous ingredients and sufficient concentration, why are they ineffective? In fact, absorption is the key. No matter how good the ingredients are, no matter how good they are, no matter how much they apply, no matter how much money they spend.

Commonly used methods to promote penetration and absorption

Formulation engineers have many technical means to improve the absorption rate of the product. For example, when developing the formula, they will match the appropriate carrier according to the active ingredient, select the appropriate polar oil, or select the penetration enhancing ingredients (such as alcohol, propylene glycol) , Azone) to solve the problem of transdermal absorption.

At the same time, different dosage forms are used to solve the problem, such as choosing water-in-oil or oil-in-water systems according to different active ingredients, or even using microemulsions.
Each of the above methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, alcohol is very unpopular (non-parties), and it is quite unreasonable. Some penetration enhancing ingredients can cause irritation. In the preparation of microemulsions, not all formulas can be made, and the skin feels usually sticky. It is not so easy to absorb through the skin. There are many things to consider.
Liposome technology and absorption

Liposome technology has been used in the pharmaceutical industry for a long time. Unstable drugs are wrapped in liposomes and then used to treat diseases by drip. The cosmetics industry has also learned from this new technology. To use a popular vocabulary, this is called dimensionality reduction (applying more advanced technology to cosmetics).
What exactly is it?

Liposomes are actually not complicated. They are hollow globules with bilayers composed of some special lipids. These lipids have a unique hydrophilic and lipophilic structure. The most common one is lecithin (well, in the yolk Yes). When lecithin is dispersed in water, it will spontaneously form a hollow microsphere structure with a double shell structure:

And the active substance has its place-the water-soluble ones can stay in the center of the formed hollow sphere, while the oil-soluble ones can be hidden in the middle layer of the double shell, so that the unstable ones Both water-soluble and oil-soluble can exist perfectly in liposomes.
Benefits and prospects of liposome technology

Liposome technology is not only a technology to help penetration, but also a way to protect active substances. For example, some products that see oxygen deterioration (such as astaxanthin, A alcohol, A ester) have liposomes After wrapping, the stability is much better, which is much more convenient for the formulator.

On the other hand, there are many benefits to consumers. For example, some ingredients, after being applied to the skin, if they are released on the skin in a short time, they will cause irritation. If liposomes are used, a sustained release effect can be achieved. , Will not be so exciting.

Even some oil-soluble substances can be used in liquid products, such as the ceramide encapsulated by Nakang’s liposomes just mentioned, to make water-soluble ceramide 3 lotion, and you can also experience the effects of phospholipids skin.