8 skincare tips
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8 Skincare Tips To Share!

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Update time : 2019-09-29 17:01:02
8 skincare tips to share!
Nowadays, with rising living standards, everyone is more and more concerned about their skin texture. So do you know the small method of skin management? If you still don't know, please follow the skin management editor to learn.

1, regular exfoliation, promote normal cell metabolism
Normal skin type/aging skin / dry skin, once a week; oily skin, thick skin of the stratum corneum for about three days.
Exfoliating at home: Enzyme powder softens and dissolves keratin with plant proteases, and uses less abrasive products. Or do regular small bubble management to exfoliate blackheads, shovel exfoliation and so on.
Excessive thickening of the stratum corneum: it will prolong the normal cell metabolism cycle, the skin is dark and dark, rough, and even the pores are blocked, causing various skin problems such as acne and pigmentation.

2, go to bed early every morning, get up early, do a good night care
At night, the metabolism of skin cells is more active, and the skin absorbs the nutrients of skin care products eight times during the day. So we have to do skin care at night, and it is best to sleep at around 22 to 23 o'clock.
Frequent day and night hazards: endocrine flocculation, slow metabolism, accumulation of toxins in the body, dark and dark skin, large pores, dark circles, crow's feet and easy to get angry.

3, pay attention to wash your face, keep your pores smooth
Warm water to clean the pores, use a milder and refreshing milk facial cleanser; skin oil, thick cuticles choose gel facial cleanser to oil.
It is recommended not to wash your face more than 3 times a day. After washing your face with lotion, it will condense pores, restore skin pH and maintain skin health.
The harm of not washing your face: the pores are easy to block, the skin can't breathe normally, the skin is dull, the acne is long, the pores are thick, the blackheads and so on.

4, do a good job of sun protection, color spots, and aging
Sun protection is needed for 365 days a year. It is best to apply sunscreen + parasol, this must be done! If you have trouble with sunscreen, use a sunscreen spray!
No sunscreen damage: the skin is old, easy to be sunburned, and long spots.

5, do not seek fast whitening products, it is best for you
Everyone's skin type and problems are different, so the skin care products used are different. It is best to choose the skin care products that suit you. Secondly, don't believe that the rapid whitening and acne products on the market contain most harmful substances such as hormones, fluorescent agents and lead and mercury.
No skin care hazard: the skin does not get nutrients and water supply and no sun protection, you will be older than your peers, rough skin and long spots, large pores.

6, whitening hydrating anti-aging, indispensable
It will be spotted for a long time, and the skin is prone to aging. Many skin cares are built on the skin's hydration, so we need to keep our skin hydrated at all times.
Don't think that anti-aging is superfluous. After the age of 25, long wrinkle and fine lines are too late to be done. So around 18 years old, you not only need to hydrate whitening sunscreen but also do anti-aging.

7, remove makeup before going to bed, skin white does not acne
If you have makeup, you need to remove makeup. The cleansing oil is oil-soluble and easy to remove the eye and lip makeup. Then wash your face and wash your face to remove residual makeup powder to keep your pores open.
But often remove makeup will hurt the skin, so we need less makeup, more skin management is right! At the tip, most sunscreens can be removed without makeup.
No remover damage: makeup powder residual skin, dull skin, rough pores, easy to block pores, easy to suffocate.

8, once a week skin management, maintenance of water and muscle
Professional skin managers are different from traditional beauticians in analyzing your skin problems through eye examinations, palpation, consultations, and skin detectors. Then, through product, instrument and massage techniques, you can customize your management plan to manage your skin and maintain your skin. Skin youth and vitality.