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I don't want to get old, okay?

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It can't move backward, but it can be delayed.

20% is due to natural aging, irreversible;

80% is due to light aging and can be delayed;
For example. You're 30 now. You want to be 20 again. No way. But you think 10 years from now, you still look 30 years old and you can do it.
Therefore, a beautiful investment should be made as soon as possible.
The biggest "the enemy" in a woman's life should be aging, and the time is to inadvertently take our youth and beauty, which is a natural law, and no one can block it. But in life, we can help slow the aging of the body through some of the right methods and good habits. Time can't hold, but beauty can be extended. What are the causes of skin aging today? What are the features of skin aging?
The natural aging of the skin
Intrinsic aging, also known as natural aging, is the natural law of life, old age, illness, and death, which no one can stop.
With the increase of age, the collagen and elastic protein produced by the skin are less and less, the reticular structure of the whole skin layer is damaged, and the skin is no longer tight and elastic. Both the granular layer and the dermis became thinner, but the cuticular layer and spinous layer that covered them did not change, so the latter had wrinkles without the support of the former.
We can't resist the erosion of the years, and it is inevitable that natural aging is inevitable.
OK, we can control the reduction of light aging.

photoaging of the skin
Exogenous aging is also commonly known as photoaging. Skin aging is caused by external factors such as sunlight, air pollution, smoking, staying up late, air conditioning, exposure to harmful chemicals and so on.
Such as ultraviolet light, computer screen, mobile phone light, the light produced by blue and visible light can cause light aging.
Ultraviolet light is an invisible skin killer and the main cause of skin aging, so it is also known as skin photoaging.
The following senescence is caused by ultraviolet light.

The manifestation of photoaging of the skin
1. Elastic fibers are deformed, thickened and forked, resulting in the loss of the original function of elastic fibers, resulting in relaxation and inelasticity of the skin. 
2. The structure of collagen fiber is changed and the content is reduced, which leads to reduced tension and toughness of the skin, resulting in wrinkles and relaxation of the skin.
3. The hyaluronic acid and other mucopolysaccharide components in the matrix are cracked, the solubility is increased, the structure and the function thereof are influenced, and finally, the skin is dried and relaxed and has no elasticity.
4. Abnormal skin pigment: uneven skin color, pigmentation, solar freckles, elderly plaques
Prevention of photoaging of the skin
Make sun protection
Try to avoid going out from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the summer, the strongest sunshine and the most powerful of the ultraviolet rays, and the damage to the skin is the biggest. Try to wear a hat when you go out, wear sunglasses, hold an umbrella, and wear long-sleeved clothes.

Choose sunscreen products
External sunscreen products containing anti-ultraviolet radiation components are the most effective means to protect the skin from sunlight damage. Reasonable use of sunscreen can not only prevent skin photoaging but also contribute to the repair and recovery of damaged skin. Ideal sunscreen products should be broad-spectrum sunscreen or ultraviolet full-band protection, both UVB and UVA.
Effective antioxidant
First of all, there is actually a set of defense system inside the human body, which will involve: SOD, vitamin E, vitamin C, carotenoid, lipoic acid, nicotine, glutathione, and other substances, which can help us resist the harm of free radicals.
The body's own antioxidants are certainly insufficient, so you need to use extra skin care products that contain high antioxidants. In addition to the above ingredients, there are many natural antioxidants, such as astaxanthin, resveratrol, tea polyphenols, curcumin, ferulic acid, Adiphenyl, coenzyme Q10 and so on.

Through continuous sunscreen and antioxidant maintenance, you can keep your skin young and look much younger than your peers.

If you have entered the stage of anti-aging, you can use the means of medical beauty, such as the injection of the hyaluronic acid and the botulism botox, to keep the skin elastic and to remove wrinkles.
In addition, Retinol (vitamin A) is also commonly used anti-aging ingredients, but the skin care products containing vitamin A are better at night!