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Apply The Mask First Or Use Aloe Vera Gel First

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Update time : 2019-12-02 18:34:06
First use aloe gel and then use mask.
First use aloe gel and then apply the mask. Generally use aloe gel, wait for aloe gel absorption, clean water wash face and dry, and then apply mask. Aloe gel can also be used directly as a sleep mask, the use is very simple, after completing the basic skin care, apply a thin layer of aloe gel to the face, and clean the face after getting up the next day.
Aloe vera gum is a natural herbaceous plant aloe extract from the product. Its purity is very high and has no toxic and side effects. It has obvious auxiliary effect on cutting, bruising, wound festering scar and so on, and also has good anti-inflammatory, bactericidal and cosmetic effect, which is safe and reliable to use.
4 taboos of using aloe gel
1. The aloe gel is not too thick to be coated with too much thickness
Many babies feel that the aloe gel is cool and moist, and the skin is coated with a lot, which is not right. The aloe gel is too thick to make the skin airtight, and the acne and the acne can be easily caused.
2. Use of facial mask before making up
The skin that is coated with reed gum can become very fragile, as the water content in the cells is relatively high, and the defense capacity of the stratum corneum is reduced to the lowest. After that, if you continue to moisturize and skin-care, the essence and the pigment in the cosmetic will irritate the skin if makeup is up. And long-time makeup increases the penetration of these risk ingredients, and the skin is more likely to create problems.
3. Do not wash face after application
Aloe gel can be used as a mask, but just like the mask, you need to wash away the excess essence after application. Therefore, aloe gel can not be used as a sleep mask, to avoid absorption and clogging pores.
4. Daily use
Many babies feel that the aloe gel is cheap, the effect is good, it is used frequently every day, actually this is the same as the facial mask, it can't be too frequent, so the skin will have a counter-effect, and it is not good, so it should be noted that it is the best to use the best, It's three times a week.