Autumn skin care
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Autumn skin care

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Update time : 2019-10-21 17:07:18
The autumn weather and the dramatic temperature difference make the skin easy to dry and dry, causing the skin to dry and tight. Compared to summer, autumn skin is cooler and drier. There is even a phenomenon of desquamation and allergies. Autumn is also a season that is prone to skin irritation. After exposure to summer sun, the skin is also more prone to dullness and spots.
Autumn skincare tips
1. Skincare products change season: the oil secretion of autumn and winter skin is less, more need to care, use refreshing skin care products in summer, and may use moisturizing skin care products in autumn and winter.
2. Repair and moisturizing: In the autumn of the bleak, the temperature difference between day and night varies greatly. The metabolism of the skin and the secretion of sebum need a period of adjustment. At this time, the skin condition is very unstable, and the moisturizing repair of the skin can be strengthened to prepare for the upcoming winter. prepare.
3. Sunscreen and whitening: Autumn maintenance needs to strengthen whitening and quickly eliminate the melanin accumulated in summer. In autumn, skin metabolism is slow, and whitening and revitalizing maintenance can improve the unevenness of skin color.
The skin care in autumn and winter is the first to moisturize, and the moisture is retained to have the skin moisturized and tender.
Gently wash the dry, fragile and sensitive skin of the autumn, and reduce the number of face washes. Avoid using detergents that are too strong or use stripping agents such as granules and exfoliation to prevent skin conditions from getting worse. Although moderate massage can help the skin's metabolism, the massage power must be controlled, but the force, time should not be too long, so as not to damage the skin's natural sebum film, so that the skin loses its self-defense ability.
Strengthening moisturizing into autumn and winter, the temperature and humidity of the environment are generally reduced, which will lead to poor skin metabolism, slower cell activity, and efforts to replenish moisture to cope with external environmental changes. When the water is insufficient, the skin problems will appear one after another, such as dry, sensitive, rough, peeling and other phenomena will be out. After washing your face and bathing, it is best to apply a moisturizing skin care product as soon as possible to keep your skin moisturized.
Calm and restoring healthy skin can rely on its natural moisturizing factor (NMF) to maintain moisturizing ability and promote the health of epidermal keratinocytes. However, damaged skin, cell moisturizing factor will be lost a lot, if you can not repair the skin's sebum film in time, the water will lose faster. Therefore, for damaged sensitive skin, it is not enough to replenish moisture. It is also necessary to add some soothing ingredients to give the skin a chance to recover.