causes of wrinkles
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causes of wrinkles

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Update time : 2019-12-18 17:25:44
Wrinkles are small fine lines and wrinkles formed by the skin under the influence of the external environment, forming free radicals that destroy collagen, active substances in normal cell membrane tissues, and oxidizing cells. Wrinkles gradually appear. The order of appearance is generally the forehead, the upper and lower eyelids, the outer iliac crests, the anterior ear area, the cheeks, the neck, the chin, and the periphery of the mouth. Facial wrinkles are divided into two types: atrophic wrinkles and hypertrophy wrinkles. Atrophic wrinkles are wrinkles on thin, easily cracked and dry skin, such as those of the countless fine wrinkles around the eyes; Hypertrophy wrinkles are wrinkles on oily skin, which are not many in number and dense and deep. The latest discovery of wrinkles around the lips and jaw.
Whether wrinkles, crow's feet, fine lines, or eye wrinkles are caused by the uneven collapse of the epidermis of the skin. First, the skin is composed of a three-layer structure as shown below: the epidermis layer, the dermis layer, and the subcutaneous fat. The dermis layer contains collagen, elastin, and other fibers to form the skeleton that supports the skin. It is also these elements that make the skin appear smooth and young, and these elements are also vulnerable to UVA, UVB, ozone or other oxidizing factors. Among them, long-wave ultraviolet rays (380-420nm) such as UVA can reach the level of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue, while short-wave ultraviolet rays such as UVB can reach the epidermal layer, and ozone can generally only pass through the stratum corneum.
Skin anti-wrinkle scientists point out that: around the age of 25, small wrinkles and eye bags may appear in the corners of the eyes; deepening of wrinkles in the forehead around 30 years of age, crow's feet in the outer corners of the eyelids, and wrinkles of varying degrees in the upper and lower eyelids; deepening of the nasolabial folds at the age of 40, and mouth corners Fine wrinkles appear and neck wrinkles appear; 50-year-old eyes deepen under the eyelids and wrinkles appear on the upper and lower lips; by the age of 60, full-face elasticity decreases and facial wrinkles deepen.
Orthostatic wrinkles
Such as wrinkles in the neck, to allow the neck to move freely, the skin here will be more abundant, and some wrinkles will naturally form, even after birth. Early postural wrinkles do not indicate aging. Only gradually deepening and aggravating wrinkles are a symbol of skin aging.
Motive wrinkles
Dynamic wrinkles are the result of long-term contraction of the expression muscles, which are mainly manifested in the frontal muscle raising eyebrows, the frown lines of the frowning muscles, the crow's feet of the orbicularis oris, the corner lines of the orbicularis oris and the vertical lines of the lips. Muscle and upper lip square muscle, cheek twill and so on.
Gravity wrinkles
After 40 years of age, due to the relaxation of the skin and muscles, under the action of gravity, it will gradually sag and partially fold, forming gravity wrinkles. Common examples are bags under the eyes, senile (senile food) upper eyelid skin sagging, and double lower jaw. 1) Eyelid: It is more common in the outer 1/3 of the upper eyelid. Due to gravity, sagging of the skin can occur with the gradual relaxation of the eyelids and orbicular skin, and sometimes the lower eyelids will gradually sag. At the same time, "eye bubbles" will form due to orbital septal fat coming out of the diaphragm.
2) Face: This type of wrinkles mostly occurs in the lower part of the face. Due to the decrease in fat under the eyelid fat pad, the skin on the eyelids and cheeks becomes loose, and wrinkles appear.
3) Jaw: This type of wrinkle mostly occurs in the lower jaw. Due to the decrease in subcutaneous fat, the skin of the lower jaw becomes loose and forms a "dropping jaw."
4) Neck: Postural wrinkles of the neck occur after middle age, due to the gradual shrinkage of the subcutaneous tissue, loose skin, and deepening due to the effect of gravity, especially in the front of the neck, often on both sides of the broad neck muscles. Two drooping skin wrinkles are formed in the middle edge of the neck.
Cause Analysis
(1) Insufficient moisture in the body and skin
We know that the outermost layer of the skin is the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum can supply water from the body and can also absorb water from the outside of the body to maintain the moderate moisture content in the skin.
Generally speaking, skin moisture content is 10-20%. If it is less than 10%, the skin is dry, that is, it appears rough and loose, and wrinkles will appear over time.
(2) Mental factors
Often sullen, irritable, and lonely, often showing a sad, tense, and restrained expression on the face. This expression affects the expression muscles to produce vertical or horizontal wrinkles, which gradually causes aging.
(3) Lack of long-term sleep
Frequent lack of sleep can impair the skin's regulatory function, resulting in a sloppy face and easy aging and wrinkling.
(4) Overexposure
Excessive exposure can cause skin damage, make the skin on the face, neck, and hands dry, thin, and lose elasticity. The elastic fibers and colloidal fibers lose their normal functions, and the skin gradually becomes loose and wrinkled.
(5) Nutritional status
If the body's nutritional status is good, the skin's nutritional supply is sufficient, and the subcutaneous tissue is full, wrinkles will appear late; if the nutritional status is not good, the skin and muscle tissue will be malnourished, causing rough and loose skin, and easy to produce wrinkles.
(6) The temperature of the face wash is too high
Face water is most suitable for warm water at about 30 degrees Celsius. If the water temperature is too high, the skin's sebum and moisture will be absorbed by the heat, which will dry the skin and gradually cause wrinkles on the face.
(7) Improper use of cosmetics
Inappropriate cosmetics can damage the texture of the skin, and excessive dusting can cause fine wrinkles on the face.
(8) Excessive smoking and drinking
Long-term excessive smoking and drinking will accelerate the aging of the skin, which will cause premature wrinkles and make people look old.