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Mask powder

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Update time : 2019-10-16 16:17:37
Mask powder is generally divided into soft mask powder, dura mater and washed mask powder. The soft mask powder can be peeled off by mask formation, and the mask powder can not be formed into a mask. After use, it should be wiped off with a wet towel. The hard mask is also called hot mask. Its main component is plaster. It can form a very hard mask. It can be lifted, but it has the disadvantage of plucking. Because the plaster of Paris will release heat when it meets water, it will burn fat. Usually Used for weight loss concepts.

Soft mask powder is used in beauty salons. It is a powder mask powder consisting of soft mask powder base (mask) and filler: membrane is the key raw material for solidification of soft mask powder. The filler is generally made of talc. Powder, corn starch, diatomaceous earth, etc., the main function of the filler is filling, but each raw material has its own different filling effect: talcum powder can make the mask powder to obtain a better appearance after mask formation, corn starch can make the mask The powder has a better skin feel, and the diatomaceous earth can make the mask powder have good dispersibility, and its superabsorbent property can make the mask powder obtain superior cleaning effect.

The biggest role of soft mask powder is the cleaning effect. This feature is unmatched by general products. It is also an important reason for being welcomed by beauty salons. It is one of the essential products for beauty salons. Individual products can also be obtained by adding different functional materials. Efficacy, common: whitening, freckle, moisturizing, acne, anti-wrinkle and other effects. There are many such products on the market, such as some natural ingredients, such as plant series soft mask powder, fruit and vegetable series soft mask powder, floral series soft mask powder; and soft mask powder with special raw materials, these products will be more effective. It is more prominent and more targeted: for example, bamboo charcoal soft mask powder with bamboo charcoal, mineral mud soft mask powder with mineral mud, and traditional Chinese medicine soft mask powder with various traditional Chinese medicines.

Soft mask powder is easy to use compared to other mask powders. It is easy to operate: use a mask to form a paste with water and apply it to the skin. After about 15 minutes, the mask can be molded and then easily lifted. . However, due to the requirement of mask formation, the soft mask powder has a certain amount of restrictions on the requirements for adding functional raw materials. The addition of more effective raw materials may result in the mask powder not forming into a mask, for example: various Chinese medicine soft mask powder, mask powder The traditional Chinese medicine ingredients are generally not much, so there will be some limitations in efficacy. Therefore, from this point of view, the washed facial mask powder has an advantage, and the washed facial mask powder can be freely added with various functional ingredients to obtain a very good cosmetic effect. However, the washed mask powder cannot be formed into a mask like the soft mask powder, and it is very troublesome to use after washing. The composition of the dura maturity determines that the mask it forms is very hard, and the application time is a little longer, so that the gypsum is fully formed, then the hard mask will hold the hair on the skin tightly, and it will even hair when the mask is formed. It is very painful to pull it out together, so there is no such phenomenon that the soft mask powder forms a soft mask.

Soft mask powder can be a must-have product in beauty salons nowadays. This is determined by the characteristics of its products. In all products used in beauty salons, the proportion of mask powder is very large, and the amount of body applied is usually more than the face big. For example, neck mask powder, chest mask powder, back body mask powder, etc., the demand is increasing. Due to the high work pressure and the reduction of leisure time, the number of consumers entering the beauty salon may be reduced. Therefore, individuals may also consider using facial soft mask powder at home. The choice of soft mask powder is natural and highly targeted. optimal.