Oxygen Dome Facial Machine
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Oxygen Dome Facial Machine

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Update time : 2019-12-04 17:24:31
Studies have shown that in order to maintain the normal growth of 60 trillion cells and make new cells, everyone needs oxygen every day.

Healthy skin needs enough nutrition, but now oxygen content in the air is declining due to increased air pollution. If the skin is anoxic, the metabolism will slow down, easy to be sensitive, thus accelerating skin aging, yellowing, black spots, wrinkles and other problems, and even destroy the balance of oil secretion, so that the skin becomes dull or dull.

Studies have shown that the flow of active components and oxygen can span the natural gap between cells, renew the cell and outer circulation system, and regenerate the cortex.


In view of the oily, brittle and relaxed yellow and dark skin, the oxygen injector can effectively bring pure oxygen concentration to the bottom of the skin, improve the metabolic function of the cells, renew the damaged cells, increase the elasticity of the skin, improve the dull and problematic skin, and replenish the sufficient oxygen of the skin.

Deep moisturizing, increase skin water content; promote cell regeneration, increase cell oxygen content, activate skin, achieve anti-aging effect; promote collagen fiber and elastic protein regeneration, dilute fine lines, restore elasticity, alleviate sensitivity, reduce redness and swelling and microvascular appearance; make physical and mental health, replenish energy, constantly improve. Good microcirculatory and respiratory system, improve oxygen content and metabolism.


whitening and tenderizing; tightening loose skin;

removing true and false wrinkles;

removing and improving the eye wrinkle, the fish tail vein and the black eye ring;

Deep water and oxygen skin, improve and prevent skin aging, shrink pores, whiten skin, deep water, and anti-allergic repair, and realize the elastic recovery of skin luster.

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Product Generalization:  
The system for oxygen facials unit using high concentration oxygen , it prevents aging caused by active oxygen, regenerating of damaged cells , improving immune system and protecting skin from toxic substance and bringing vitality into skin.  
1.1 Therapy :
The device adopt a France imported molecular, it filter out the nitrogen from air , and generates a continuous flow of pressurized, medical grade sterilized oxygen(96% purity).
Pressurized oxygen drives the vitamin-rich serum deep into the dermis to leave your skin hydrated and glowing!
Normalize the sebum secretion ,Clean and detoxify skin
Reduce acne and aging dark spot.
Shrink pores , reduce redness ,swelling , pains and bruise etc.  
Revitalize and regenerate the different skin layers, generate collagen and cellular organization.  
Fight the fine lines and aging winkles due to free radical harm on skin   
2.Technical Parameters:

Purity Oxygen:≥ 93%±3(V/V)
Flow rate:1-5L/min
Output pressure:100kPa~150kPa
Sound level: less than 45db
power consumption: 300watts
Net weight: 22kg
Gross weight : 25kg
2.1 Optional instruments:  
The device provide optional accessories including Oxygen jet, infusion injection ,and Oxygen inhaling mask.
3.Oxygen infusion routine :  
1.Clean the face with exfoliating cleanser , massage and remove cutin.
2.Connect the spray gun into the oxygen exit outlet.
3. Mix the serum with purified water to the needed concentration(usually 3:1). High concentration nurture should dilute by 5:1 or higher to avoid blocking the spray gun. Make the well mixed essential absorbed into the cup of the spray gun, and make the lid
4. Make the eyes of the customer closed. Put the spray gun stick to the skin gently and then press the button and draw back slightly to spray the nurture out. Start from the mandible and move upside. A suspend after 2 second’s spraying. Only oxygen out with no nurture by only press the button, needn’t draw back slight, which can help dry the nurture on the skin and help the skin absorb sufficiently.
5 .Repeat for several times at the speckle or black eye part. The whole treatment will take about 15 minutes.After spraying, massage 10 minutes.
6. Use the oxygen infusion to blow the 96% pure oxygen to accelerate the activity of basic skin layer. You can adjust the flow meter to 3 or 5 Liter to the proper flow as the clients feel comfortable
Finishing treatment : Put the nourishment mud mask or the silk facial mask on face , and put on the oxygen mask, let the customers relaxed to enjoy a nourishment finishing treatment under sterilized pure oxygen.