Introduction to Active Ingredients


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Retinol is the first vitamin to be discovered. It also includes retinol acetate, retinol palmitate and retinal.

In mild terms, A ester>A alcohol>A aldehyde;

In terms of skin care effect, A ester<A alcohol<A aldehyde.

They have a wide range of effects: anti-acne, oil control, lightening, anti-aging, repairing photo-aging...Each item is very effective when taken out separately.

Retinol first entered the field of skin beautification in 1970, when it was used as a formula for acne treatment. (Retinol is an expert in exfoliating and clearing pores and can restore the youthful and shiny skin. "They can remove those well. It can cause whiteheads and blackheads, and dead skin cells that clog the pores," said dermatologist Heidi A. Waldorf, MD in the "Allure" magazine. In addition, retinol also has miraculous effects on controlling oil and stubborn acne. ).

1. Retinol improves overall photoaging

The chemical name of vitamin A is retinol, which is the first vitamin to be discovered.

It is one of the most effective skin care actives for improving skin photoaging. It can effectively remove free radicals (free radicals can damage cell integrity, cause skin pigmentation, skin aging and other problems). Obvious results can be seen within one month .
2. Retinol improves wrinkles and fine lines on aging skin, Leslie Baumann, MD, director of the Department of Beauty and Dermatology at the University of Miami, said in an interview with "Prevention" magazine that retinol can also effectively reduce facial fine lines and wrinkles and smooth the skin. . When our keratinocytes renew slowly, the stratum corneum will begin to thin, which is one of the signs of aging. Retinol can stimulate the proliferation of epidermal cells and thicken the epidermis.
In just 48 hours, retinol increases the number of proliferating cells in the transplanted skin epidermis.

The active substance of retinol can completely clear old dead skin cells, repeatedly promote the shedding of skin cells, and promote the generation of new cells in the skin.

Accelerate the metabolism, so that the keratinocytes of the epidermis can be produced and put into battle more quickly, so that the skin appears more delicate and smooth.

Disadvantages of retinol:

1. Instability

Once exposed to sunlight and air, it will easily deteriorate and lose activity.

Therefore, retinol skin care products are suitable for use at night.

2. Irritating

Talking about the ingredients but not the content is a hooligan

Just like niacinamide, if you don’t know your skin, you have to do an allergy test behind the ear before using it.
Start with low-content products. Now many brands have relatively low retinol content, but they can also achieve cell renewal.