Vitamin C benefits to the skin
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Vitamin C benefits to the skin

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Update time : 2019-10-14 16:22:52
As we all know, vitamin C is a very good antioxidant, used in cosmetics, with significant white spots, whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing effect. The pure vitamin C component is ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is a kind of vitamin C inducer. It has a strong antioxidant capacity, but it is easy to oxidize under light and heat conditions. This is the only shortcoming of vitamin C. Despite such a shortcoming, but the advantages are more than the shortcomings, so we are interested in vitamin C products, and we can't put it down. Let's first take a look at the effects of vitamin C on skin beauty.

1. Protect skin and prevent photoaging
Vitamin C protects skin from UV damage, has a high antioxidant capacity, prevents photoaging, and inhibits oxidation.
2. Promote collagen synthesis and enhance skin elasticity
Vitamin C is an essential component in the collagen synthesis reaction chain. Studies have shown that in collagen synthesis experiments, the amount of collagen synthesis is significantly greater when using vitamin C than by the amount of vitamin C.
3. Skin regeneration, healing wounds, anti-inflammatory effects
Vitamin C has a remarkable effect on fighting inflammation, healing wounds, and skin regeneration, so sensitive skin and acne skin are also recommended ingredients.
4. Blemish whitening
Vitamin C can inhibit the synthesis of melanin and has a good whitening effect, which is one of the reasons why vitamin C is used in many whitening cosmetics. Only the vitamin C content of each whitening product is different, and the content is directly related to the effect of whitening and whitening.
It can be said that vitamin C is a versatile ingredient, whether it is young skin, loose aging skin, pigmented skin, acne skin, sensitive skin, any skin type can be selected to use vitamin C ingredients cosmetics.
Vitamin C has so many effects on skin beauty, but ascorbic acid has little resistance to light and heat, and it is easy to oxidize. Many people are worried about using vitamin C products during the day when they go out, but they will have long spots or aggravate the original spots. Therefore, such worries are not without reason.

However, not all vitamin C products must be used at night. The standard of use depends on the amount of vitamin C contained in the product and the source of vitamin C. The following product is an essence containing up to 20% plant vitamin C ingredients, regardless of the morning and evening, any skin type, any time can be used.