Why do we exfoliate?
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Why do we exfoliate?

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Update time : 2019-09-25 09:59:33
There are many skin exfoliating products, learn more
First, what is keratin?
Keratin is a wall that protects the skin. The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of our skin. The aging of keratinocytes is the normal metabolic process of skin cells. If the skin is not well maintained or grows with age, the aging keratinocytes will adhere to the skin surface without falling off. .
In general, it takes about 14 days for the cell to split up from the basal layer and reach the uppermost layer of the granular layer. It takes about 14 days to pass through the stratum corneum and finally falls off. That is, the cells naturally metabolize every 28 days. Fall off. When the skin is poorly metabolized due to aging, environmental factors, etc., the stratum corneum will not fall off naturally and gradually become thicker and thicker. This will prevent the skin care products from penetrating into the dermis layer, and the skin's ability to absorb nutrients will also decrease. On the surface of the skin, it causes the skin to be rough and dark yellow, and even clogs pores to form acne and blackheads. At this point, moderate exfoliation is very important.
The wall that is just right is smooth and bright, and the abuse of acid and intense scrubs will make the wall thin and collapse. The outside world can't resist the dust and pollution of the outside world, and the blackheads are insensitive to the inability to lock the water and moisturize. The water in the dermis is lost and becomes sensitive muscles.
Second, the benefits of exfoliation
1, remove the skin's aging dead cells, rough horny dander, can make the skin show a delicate and smooth texture.
2, exfoliating at the same time can remove the black yellow pigment covered by the skin surface, and eliminate oily spots, making the skin white and shiny.
3, exfoliation can also promote the skin's blood circulation and metabolism, so that cell regeneration is more smooth, the skin is fresh and feminine.
4. If the exfoliating milk containing natural botanical ingredients is used, it can also dissolve the aged cells of the epidermis layer of the skin, which has a mild rubbing effect, can remove the aged keratin and agglomerated melanin and acne of the epidermis, improve the skin color and make the capillary pores smaller. And meticulous.
 5, promote skin absorption skin care products
Exfoliation can promote skin absorption of skin care products. The old waste materials on the skin accumulate to form keratin, which causes the pores to clog and the skin can not absorb the skin care products. Exfoliation can quickly remove excess keratin from the skin so that the pores are smooth and promote the skin's absorption of skin care products.
6, whitening skin
Old keratin contains a lot of melanin, and the deposition of melanin makes the skin look dull and yellow, and some even make the skin appear dark gray. Exfoliation is the removal of excess keratin from the surface of the skin, which makes the skin look whiter.
7, improve rough skin
Improves rough skin, excess keratin attached to the skin, making the skin look very rough. Many girls touch the skin on their faces and always feel unsmooth. These are because the work of peeling skin is not done well. Exfoliating can make the skin smooth and remove the old dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.
8, shrink pores
Exfoliation can reduce pores. In the process of exfoliation, the exfoliating lotion of natural botanical ingredients can not only dissolve the aging cells on the surface of the skin but also have the effect of gentle rubbing, removing the aged keratin and agglomerated melanin and acne on the surface of the skin. The pores are reduced.
9, prevention of acne acne
On the basis of daily acne care, periodic exfoliation treatment can help to avoid the outbreak of acne. For exfoliating skin, it is best to use a mild exfoliating product. For example, an exfoliating product containing a yeast component can dissolve the dead cell tissue that blocks pores.
10. Stimulate cell renewal
It is normal for skin cells to update slowly, indicating that the aging and dead cell tissue is remaining on your skin surface. Removing these dead cell tissues not only makes the skin smoother but also stimulates the growth of new cells. This can be done with periodic exfoliation (two to three times a week). When you increase the speed of cell renewal, your skin tone will become brighter and healthier.