Instant repair lip mask
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Wholesale Private Label Instant Repair Lip Mask


Crithmum Maritimum has the functions of regulating skin melanin disorders, restoring skin's anti-oxidation protection ability, promoting skin wound healing (quality and speed), regulating the division, transfer, and shedding of keratinocytes in the epidermis.
Coconut oil can moisturize the lips, soften the dead skin on the lips, and have the effect of softening the lips
Vitamin E can delay aging, effectively reduce wrinkles, and accelerate the healing of damaged lip cells
Grapefruit essential oil moisturizes the lip skin, restores skin elasticity, increases skin luster, and has a certain cleansing power to keep the lips clean
Bisabolol has anti-inflammatory effects, eliminates local redness, relieves inflammation caused by skin damage and promotes metabolism
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