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Kojic Acid soap is proven to be most effective for acne and oily skin. This soap dries and clears acne blemishes, black head,
Cold processing is relative to the hot melt method used in industrial soaps. In addition to heating and melting solid oils into liquids, there is no need for high-temperature heating during the soap-making process, so the natural vitamins and nutrients contained in vegetable oils and other additives can be retained to the greatest extent. Good skin care products.

Kojic acid helps to reduce chloasma, freckles, sun spots and other inconspicuous pigmentation. Its mechanism of action is to prevent the formation of tyrosine by chelating with copper ions and reduce the activity of tyrosine. Block the production of melanin from the source. Kojic acid can also block the intermediate products of melanin, and achieve its whitening effect of inhibiting melanin production and diminishing dark spots. The effect is the most obvious among the existing whitening and removing spots, except phenethyl resorcinol.
Name Custom Wholesale Private Label Organic Whitening Lightening Handmade Kojic Acid Soap
Volume              140g/ customized size as requirements
Function Skin whitening,lightening skin
Ingredient Coconut oil, deionized water, sodium hydroxide, flavor, kojic acid, glycerin, aqua, xanthan gum, octyl glycol, glucose,
Cartilage scraps, phenoxyethanol, ethylhexyl glycerin, coconut oil diethanol aluminum amide, mineral oil, mineral seed oil          
OEM/ODM Sample availabel,Private Label with low MOQ.
Application Bath
Shipping Air Shipping/ Express DHL UPS FEDEX EMS/ Sea Shipping/ Post Mail.

For product specifications and prices, welcome to inquiry
For product specifications and prices, welcome to inquiry