laser hair removal at home
Hair Removal

laser hair removal at home ipl laser hair removal face hair removal machine

Appearance design patent, effective light output, automatic energy adjustment modes, manual intelligence, two modes

The principle of IPL hair removal: photons penetrate the skin to the hair follicle. Because the hair follicle contains more melanin, the melanin absorbs light and converts it into heat. After heating, the hair follicle enters a dormant state, and then destroys the hair follicle to achieve the hair removal effect. But the dormant period of hair follicles also has a time limit, so it is necessary to cut off the time before hair removal irradiation. By repeating several times to make most of the hair follicles enter the dormant period, the skin can maintain a delicate luster

* Small and exquisite appearance;
* energy adjustment + manual / automatic dual adjustment mode; 
* Imported quartz lamp, effective light output;
* The light emitting interval can be as short as 1 second;  
* US imported chips, product performance is stable

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