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The method is painless and does not damage the surrounding skin. Repeated use can damage the hair follicles and lose the ability to regenerate hair. It is often used to remove armpit hair, long eyelashes, and disorderly growing eyebrows.
The melanin pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the energy of the laser, and destroys the hair follicle through the exchange of heat energy generated, and stops the hair growth. Suitable for people with light skin tone, fine and dark hair. Form permanent hair removal by destroying hair follicles. Because the hair follicles that are not in the growth period do not have melanin pigment, it is impossible to inhibit the growth of all hair follicles at one time; laser treatment can cause damage to the skin pigments and form spots; if you use more laser pulses, Or if the energy is higher, scars may be left on the skin; after treatment, there will be redness and heat, the skin may harden within two or three days, and there may be traces of treatment remaining on the skin.

The hair removal machine is used to generate ultra-high frequency oscillating signals to form an electrostatic field, which acts on the hair, destroys the hair follicle, makes the hair fall off, and no longer grows new hair, achieving the effect of hair removal.
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