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Lavender essential oil effectively eliminates stains, whitens the skin, moisturizes and hydrates, promotes cell regeneration, helps the skin quickly absorb and lock in moisture
Lavender essential oil is extracted from lavender. It can clear away heat and detoxify, cleanse the skin, control oil content, remove freckles and whiten, remove wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, remove eye bags and dark circles, and promote the regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues. Lavender essential oil also has a calming effect on the heart, reduces high blood pressure, soothes heart palpitations, and is very helpful for insomnia.

Customized service
The formula supports customization, you can choose to compound other essential oils or 100% pure essential oils, free design outer packaging, low MOQ

Main effects: Lavender and a variety of pure plant essential oil active factors complement each other, quickly penetrate hair follicles to disinfect and antibacterial, promote cell regeneration, restore skin connective tissue, and balance skin surface oil secretion, soothe sensitive skin, converge pores, replenish skin moisture, and protect skin for a long time It is not disturbed by pimples and acne, and restores delicate and smooth skin with no pores and no acne

Lavender essential oil can clear away heat and detoxify, cleanse the skin, control oil content, remove freckles and whiten, remove wrinkles and rejuvenate skin, remove dark circles under the eyes, and promote skin care functions such as regeneration and recovery of damaged tissues.
It can beautify the human body, relieve stress and relax muscles. Essential oils are called "phytohormones". In fact, many essential oils are similar to human hormones and play a decisive role in human skin care.
1. The essential oil molecules stimulate the olfactory nerve through the breath, and the olfactory nerve transmits the stimulus to the brain center. The brain generates excitement, replaces the innervation of the nerve activity and regulates the function of the nerve activity; regulates the secretion of the glands through neuromodulation to regulate the entire internal environment of the human body. By stimulating nerve therapy, internal conditioning can be achieved, laying a solid foundation for beauty and skin care.
Affinity directly enters the skin through affinity and the essential oil molecules substitute to stimulate the nerves, and ultimately regulate nerve activity and internal environment, directly change the stable state of the internal environment, and accelerate the body fluid activity, thereby improving the internal environment and further regulating the entire body.
Affinity rapidly changes the local tissue cells and cell living environment through the affinity effect, transforms the metabolism and accelerates, and comprehensively solves the skin problems caused by local metabolic disorders.
The affinity enters the subcutaneous through the effect of affinity, and then enters the blood and lymph through the exchange of body fluids, which promotes blood and lymph circulation, and accelerates the body's metabolism.
Into the body, it can also enhance the body's immunity. Adjust the body as a whole to prevent skin problems from reappearing.
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