micro derma
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180 Dermaroller Microneedle Roller Needle Roller Micro Derma

Activating cells, repairing damaged tissues, directly participating in cell metabolism, achieving the effects of wrinkle removal, lifting, whitening, and anti-aging
The beauty of microneedle therapy stimulates the self-healing ability of the wound in the dermis, thereby stimulating the skin and promoting the proliferation of collagen, which can increase the thickness of the skin epidermis by about 8%. The beauty effect of microneedle therapy is comparable to laser and filling treatments.
Microneedling utilizes the natural healing power of wounds and will not harden the skin or cause skin cell shrinkage
Micro-needle beauty can make a large number of thin tubes, so that the active ingredients can effectively penetrate into the skin (it only takes five minutes to create more than 200,000 tiny holes)

1. Acne
According to scientific research, an inflamed acne on your face is equivalent to dozens of millions of mites, bacteria, skin tissues on your face, and excrement clogging your pores. This is the main reason why acne cannot be eradicated. In order to cure acne, the pores must be opened to solve the problem of blockage and inflammation. Microneedles can effectively open the skin channels and allow the anti-acne products to penetrate deep into the skin.

2. Remove eye lines
Collagen around the eyes is lost, forming eye wrinkles. Need to stimulate the dermis to produce collagen, smooth eye wrinkles, and promote eye metabolism, thereby metabolizing melanin. Rollers, microneedles, and electric microneedles can effectively bring beauty ingredients into the eye, promote the rebuilding of eye fiber structure and collagen regeneration, and say goodbye to eye lines!

3. Remove stretch marks
Most of the causes of stretch marks are the breakage of the abdominal skin fibers. To repair it, use single needle, pick needle, roller microneedle, radio frequency microneedle~ Let the broken fibers reorganize, and the high-purity collagen is sent to the skin to promote fiber Restore growth and reduce abdominal stretch marks!

4. Beauty skin
Collagen is the scaffold of the skin, which can restore the elasticity of the skin, which is equivalent to supporting the skin. Use water light micro-needle for effective supplementation, one water light micro-needle = 4000 ordinary care.
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