neroli oil

Private Label Neroli Petal Essential Body Oil Wholesale

Neroli essential oil is almost transparent and light yellow, with both a sweet floral fragrance and a bitter aftertaste. Helps skin whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, and spot reduction.
Neroli essential oil is extracted from the white petals of bitter orange. It has a calming effect and a good prescription for treating insomnia. It can also improve neuralgia, headache and dazzling. Neroli essential oil is the most considerate of women's minds among essential oils. It is delicate and gentle. The fragrance can soothe women's emotions most.
Neroli essential oil is a calming and balancing essential oil, which can eliminate nervous tension, irritability, and release stress. After smelling, it can make people feel relaxed, enough to provide emotional and physiological soothing effects, and can also bring sleep-relieving effects.

Practical formula
Relieve headaches: 3 drops of neroli essential oil, apply heat to the neck.
Revitalize and soften skin: 2 drops of orange blossom + 1 drop of jasmine + 1 drop of lavender + 10 ml of rosehip oil-massage the whole body.

Improve dryness: 1 drop of orange blossom + 1 drop of rose + 1 drop of sandalwood + 10 ml of jojoba oil-massage the skin.
Regulate endocrine: 2 drops of orange blossom + 1 drop of geranium + 1 drop of lavender + 10 ml of jojoba oil-massage.

Relieve menopausal mood: 1 drop of orange blossom + 1 drop of chamomile-incense.
Increase body resistance: Put 1 drop of neroli essential oil on a handkerchief or paper towel and inhale vigorously.

Happy mood: Put 2 drops of neroli essential oil on the bra lining.
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