oxygen injection facial machine
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Oxygen Injection Facial Machine Water Oxygen Injection And Spray

delivers pulsated oxygen and a specially formulated skin serum deep into the epidermis, Make skin tender, elastic, rejuvenated.
Oxygen injection and blackhead remover machine adopts the form of high pressure spray, helps to inject oxygen and moisture into the skin deeply, maintains and improves uneven skin tone and wrinkles caused by hypoxia.With vacuum negative pressure, it uses suction nozzle which design of body mechanics,to massage the skin, remove dirt grease, suck out acne, acne and blackheads, make the skin breathe more smoothly.

Ordinary oxygen injection--Water molecules are too large,and skin absorption is slow.Too much pressure to penetrate into the bottom of the skin. 
High pressure oxygen injection ---Nano water ions penetrate every muscle layer.Let the cells drink water.

Adopt vacuum negative pressure suction technology to reduce the air pressure inside the suction head and suck out the blackheads in the pores and excess oil

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