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Wholesale Cherry Powder Face Hydro Jelly Mask For Glowing Skin

This powder face mask can whiten and even skin tone Rich in peptone and natural vitamin C, make skin rosy and shiny.
Made of natural pectin fiber and corn starch natural material, the mask itself is crystal clear and translucent. The crystal film has good solidification and small inter-molecular gap. It has better sensation and moisturizing effect than ordinary mask. After use, there is no sticky feeling and cleaning is more convenient.
The powder is fine and has no agglomeration. After the water is evenly stirred, the texture is thick, nutrient-rich, and the shape is very solid. It is easy to directly tear off the entire mask and clean it very well.
Cherry extract, containing natural vitamin C, repairs acne-damaged skin, increases skin vitality, reduces excess oil in pores, relieves oil clogging of pores, and regulates skin water-oil balance from the muscle floor. Improves the dullness of the skin and promotes the metabolism of the skin.
First, whitening skin / fade spots
Cherry is rich in vitamin C. It adheres to the use of cherry juice to smear the face. It can restore the ruddy complexion, wrinkle and freckle, inhibit melanin production and prevent and repair harmful damage caused by ultraviolet rays.
Second, promote the formation of stratum corneum
The cherry contains fruit acid, which promotes the formation of the stratum corneum and has a certain effect on the wrinkles.
Third, rosy skin
The cherries are rich in iron, which not only prevents anemia, but also replenishes the iron needed by the body, and makes the skin of the face more rosy and healthy.
Fourth, keep the skin young
The cherries also contain vitamin A, which not only balances the oil secretion of the skin, but also alleviates the aging of the skin and keeps the skin young.

Diatomaceous earth, corn (ZEA MAYS) starch, silica. Sodium alginate, calcium sulfate, cherry (CERASUS PSEUDOCERASUS) extract,pectin sodium hyaluronate
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