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Recommend High Density Powder Peel Off Face Hydro Jelly Mask Best Selling Lavender Collagen Crystal Facial Mask

Detoxification, whitening, whitening, deep cleansing of the skin, conditioning the skin's water and oil balance, smoothing the skin's dry lines, relieving the dark circles of the eye bags, removing the scars of the acne scars. It can also promote skincare
Corn starch can make the powder mask get better skin feel, diatomaceous earth can make the powder mask have good dispersibility, and its super-adsorption can make the mask powder get superior cleaning effect.
The main feature of soft powder mask is that it can be formed from the face and is generally cleaned. However, with the development and addition of the rich mask, it has developed whitening, acne, anti-wrinkle, freckle and moisturizing.
The soft powder mask has obvious price advantage, and the composition is relatively natural. It can be used for a long time for many times. The powder has fine texture, is dry, not easy to be spoiled, and has a long shelf life. Insulation of air and skin during face application facilitates the penetration of nutrients from the skin and is used in combination with therapeutic skin care solutions to ensure a richer absorption of skin ingredients.

1. Repair scars. It can stimulate cell regeneration, the scientific golden proportion of lavender essential oil, has the excellent repairing effect, eliminates acne and quickly diminishes epidermis acne marks, acne scars, acne pits, inhibits acne bacteria to breed again, lasts to maintain acne-free Healthy skin.

2, to blackheads. The blackhead is a black "plug" formed by the hair follicle clogging at the mouth of the hair follicle. The deep conditioned oil of lavender quickly enters the hair follicle, removes the accumulation in the hair follicle, and clears the pores to remove excess oil.

3. Anti-allergic effect. It can soothe and repair allergic skin, relieve the skin's natural resistance caused by stress, mental stress, and depression, reduce skin's self-repair function, and strengthen the skin's resistance to the outside world.

4. Relieve water and oil imbalance. The skin is too dry and oily, which is caused by the imbalance of surface water and oil. Lavender deeply regulates the PH value of the skin, controls the secretion of oil in the epidermis, and uses the super moisturizing ingredients of cypress to restore the optimal balance of water and oil balance.

5, conditioning the pores. Deeply cleanse the dirt in the pores, tightens the skin of the epidermis, astringes pores, inhibits excessive secretion of epidermal oil, prevents the formation of enlarged pores, promotes cell regeneration, and improves dull, dry and aging skin.

Zea Mays (Corn) Starch, Diatomaceous Earth, Algin, Silica, Glucose,  Maltodextrin, Calcium Sulfate, LAVANDULA ANGUST IFOLIA Extract, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate, 

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