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Private Label Repair Nourishment Hair Mask Wholesale

The hair mask contains nutrients and moisture, which will enter the hair through the hair scales on the hair, help repair the fibrous tissue, and help the hair to rejuvenate.

Water, sodium lauroyl sarcosine glycerin, aloe leaf juice, Centella asiatica extract, sodium laurosuccinate betaine, peg-12 dimethylsilicone oil, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil fragrance, sodium chloride

Sodium lauroyl sarcosine is an anionic surfactant that can improve the softness and glossiness of hair, especially those damaged by chemicals. Sodium lauroyl sarcosine is a protein like substance, which can form a protective film on skin and hair. Reduce the skin and hair damage caused by irritant ingredients in the detergent formula. The degreasing effect is weak, does not damage the skin, and there is no sense of friction of soap when cleaning. It also has a mild bactericidal effect.
Aloe babbadensis leaf juicentella asianica extract has strong hair root, hair growth, anti hair loss and breakage, dandruff removal, etc. it has a good repair effect on perm and hair dyeing. Sticking to use it can make hair black, bright and smooth.
Centella asiatica) can be used as an enhancer to nourish hair follicles and scalp, and trigger hair to promote healthy growth of hair. It helps improve blood circulation, allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow properly to the scalp.
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